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Chicken Pox

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Chickenpox or chicken pox is a highly Infectious disease illness caused by primary infection with varicella zoster virus (VZV). ...
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Common Chicken Pox treatments discussed around the web
Acyclovir 1,104 Valtrex 771 Varivax 451
238,199 conversations around the web about Chicken Pox to help you make a decision
238,199 conversations around the web about Chicken Pox to help you make a decision
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Chicken Pox & Coconut Oil

We found 100 discussions
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" ...coconut oil or olive oil in ...become light. I suffered from chicken pox few months back and this helped, though a light... "

" ...places because of itching like chicken pox scars , lots in the ...thigh. I am applying coconut oil, hopefully they... "

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" ...and chicken pox impacting people around you, are you sure you have guttate psoriasis? Note: Positive ...eating, determination, moisturizer, coconut oil, and coresatin. Han... "

" I put coconut oil after every diaper change and ...It has helped us in helping heal diaper rashes and made it easier for my baby when he got chic "

" natures way extra virgin coconut oil from Amazon I love it son n hubs get through chicken pox without scratching !! I wou... "

" Chicken Pox Anyone have great raw treatments for chicken pox? I exposed my daughter last week so we should ...located) option? Also, what about coconut oil. I know it's great, so... "

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" ...pregnancy progresses? I have coconut oil, so maybe I'll stick with that. I use it on my face, and DH found nice relief from it when he had chicken pox this summer. Though... "

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" Natural Treatments for Chicken Pox? Hey all, ?? My 9 month old son has chicken pox and I am looking for suggestions for natural treatments ...not leave scars? I know coconut oil is antiviral so... "

" I use coconut oil as a base and then add bubble to activate ...seen. Ive been told this is very effective on chicken pox(adult form) and other types of herpes. I use it ...and neck when I get he... "

" ...because of complications with chicken pox... And I took broad-spectrum ...that. I started today with coconut oil and a probiotic. After 3 hours taking I had a rhinitis crisis and felt weird.... "

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