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Chiari Malformation

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(Arnold Chiari malformation)
Arnold?Chiari malformation, or often simply Chiari malformation, is a malformation of the brain. It consists of a downward disp...
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8,692 conversations around the web about Chiari Malformation to help you make a decision
8,692 conversations around the web about Chiari Malformation to help you make a decision
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Chiari Malformation & Spinal Tap

We found 168 discussions
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" ...know that I have Chiari Malformation. I ahve had progressive double and loss of vision as well as with a lumbar puncture, but that can the chest. It did not help with the tinnitus... "

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" ...really don't think doing a spinal tap caused the chiari.... I think you had complications after the spinal tap because you already had the Chiari; Chiari malformation causes an increase in... "

" ...the pseudotumor because the last lumbar puncture I had my pressure was ...from films I also have a Chiari malformation. I wonder if anyone else ...does anyone else have terrible neck pain? ... "

" ...but \"watchful waiting.\" Apparently I've had a Chiari malformation all my life and there for those with Chiari; like spinal tap, epidural, or chiropractor. Some... "

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" ...7 weeks he had a spinal tap done, which I think triggered ...So, yes a person can have syringomyelia without having a Chiari malformation. These are my thoughts and experiences, however not... "

" ...Patricia and I have a chiari malformation 1. I had my ...brain fluid leak I had a high fever and the chills, they did a spinal tap and it came back that I had meningitis. they addmitted me to... "

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" ...decompression, decompression because of arno chiari malformation. vp Shunt LP shunt. etc who was your... "

" her docs, She has Chiari malformation a 19mm herniation, this is ...have paps they did an LP now she is suffering, they ...not take. I also have CM1, my herniation is smaller and is... "

" Have you had a MRI to check for Chiari Malformation? And a lumbar puncture to check for intracranial hypertension. Hang in there. I've been sick for 10.5 years (well disabled, been sick my... "

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" ...It is a fact that LP shunts can cause aquired chiari malformation especialy if there over draining. ...because they left my LP shunt in and fitted be affected. Seems my LP shunt was wo... "

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