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Pleural Thickening

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Ask a question
(Thickening of pleura)
618 conversations around the web about Pleural Thickening to help you make a decision
618 conversations around the web about Pleural Thickening to help you make a decision
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Chest X Ray & Pleural Thickening

We found 94 discussions
" Persistent cough. Chest x-ray shows pleural thickening. Taken antibiotics. Loss of voice ...frm now.v consutle faily physician chest xray was taken.except for pleural thickening nothing else was se... "

" ...needed one. They discovered the pleural thickening during his last chest x-ray, but the pulmonologist I spoke was because of having to cut into his chest cavity for his vascular surgery... "

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" ...x ray(2009), the result says: reticulonodolar densities and apical pleural thickening. What does this mean? She had a history of Pneumonia... "

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" ...i had a chest xray. impression was---small opacities, atelectasis ...the lower lungs. no pneumothorax noted. postoperative changes ...the left and apical pleural thickening on the righ... "

" ...following Chest X-ray results? I've been taken the CHEST X-Ray medical check, the report is following: \"There is apical pleural thickening in ...IMPRESSION: APICAL PLEURAL THICKENING, BILATERAL... "

" Hi, I am a longtime asthma patient . Had a chest X-ray , results were mild Fibrotic ...prominently on the right . Pleural thickening is seen in the right... "

" ...ia cured...but common error in chest x rays which is made is to confuse pleural thickening with pleural effusion which is... "

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" ...lung base pleural thickening My 16 year old Jan 04. He had micro pulmonary emboli and bilaterl pleural effusion. ...4 1/2 months later his chest x-ray shows \"right lung ba... "

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" ...ray My X-ray has following observations Please guide My chest X-ray has following observations ...due to pleural thickening .Left C.P. ...normal. I had been infected due to tuberculosis 8 y... "

" ...lungs found in the chest x-ray. Blunted costophrenic sulcus and ...mean? hi..according to my chest xray result, there are fibrolinear ...apico-lordotic view is suggested and pleural thickenin... "

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