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Chest Tightness

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39,178 conversations around the web about Chest Tightness to help you make a decision
39,178 conversations around the web about Chest Tightness to help you make a decision
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Chest Tightness & Stomach Flu

0.05% of the posts that mention Chest Tightness also mention Stomach Flu (20 posts)
Chest Tightness
Stomach Flu
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Stomach Flu
We found 20 discussions
" ...back. Doing ok, has a nasty stomach bug over thurs/friday. I can't ...having anxiety and starting citalopram isnt enough! Now ...or wed. Still getting tightness in chest and been feeling ... "

" ...while.) I noticed that I am having cramping (similar to period pain or pain when having stomach bug) while having the BH. I also have a tightening in my chest right before and during them.... "

" ...alone. I had those spasms, and I neck and the tightness in my chest was some dreaded disease. ...had any troubles. I only had the stomach flu once, and not being able to vomit was prett... "

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" feel better! about a month ago ...symptoms. it started with a stomach bug and then i got alot of tightness in my chest and an awful cough/sinusy feeling.... "

" ...long does Tightness in chest from EC go away? since then i got a stomach flu (major diarrhea) and my chest hell and i have trouble breathing...!!!!!!!!! when ... "

" ...i posted earlier regarding the chest tightness but i didnt mention that i had stomach flu before this and im worried ...that terrible attack of severe chest tightness they did 4 ecgs and... "

" ...days or so, and after a bout with the stomach flu, which started on Thursday, I find myself back in the anxiety familiar sadness and extreme chest tightness. I feel as though this... "

" tightness in chest? Hello I have been experiencing ...a sever case of the stomach flu on Thursday. It hit me ...Around 6:00 I started having a pressure in my chest about middle of the... "

" ...face pain as yet but tight chest and asthma bad today - unsure if its a stomach bug combined with a... "

" ...gotten off lucky. I have a little tightness in my chest from gas pain, but very ...its bearable. I got SUPER nauseated from the car case I get a stomach bug any time during the winter/s... "

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