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Chest Tightness

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39,537 conversations around the web about Chest Tightness to help you make a decision
39,537 conversations around the web about Chest Tightness to help you make a decision
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Chest Tightness & Sneezing

0.77% of the posts that mention Chest Tightness also mention Sneezing (304 posts)
Chest Tightness
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We found 304 discussions
" ...have tightness in my chest when I inhale ...inhale enough to get a sneeze or yawn out! Now, everytime I yawn or sneeze I'm thankful Hop... "

" ...who has a dog. I've been sneezing a lot all week/stuffy/itchy watery ...enough of 5 days of dog dander, because my chest is tight and I've been coughing all day :( I love them but I'll... "

" ...tightness. Does anyone else get chest tightness, congestion with allergies? The past week i have along with plugged sinuses and sneezing. No coughing though. I used to have asthma but havent... "

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" ...for last few month I am having sneezing etc. I am also having ...itiching on my lega and elbows . Also has tightness in chest and some time feels tired and moody. It is told that this is... "

" ...fool today! My chest is tight... "

" ...coughed any blood ever, I've been sneezing, and just woke up stuffed up. I still have the metallic taste, and had a little ...well as a little chest tightness, but that seems to have gone away. ... "

" ...102.5 right now. She has started the sneezing and stuffy head and coughing ...I sit here I have a tight chest, coughing and a mild headache....please ...nap today so she is about to pass out... "

" ...worst after exercise, tightness in chest. Some relief with ...m lying down. The preventer inhaler does relieve the symptoms for a while however. I m a bit concerned about when I sneeze . I exper... "

" ...tight chest and some of the effects you have, might warrant a trip to the doctor.BTW, while taking any decongestant, be careful, as that stuff jacks up your heart rate. And please keep your hands ... "

" ...strange, the first night I had a tight chest and breathing problems (fixed with a nebuliser for a few minutes), the second night I had a really itchy, full body rash from it (easily fixed with IV... "

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