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Chest Tightness

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38,989 conversations around the web about Chest Tightness to help you make a decision
38,989 conversations around the web about Chest Tightness to help you make a decision
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Chest Tightness & Crohn's Disease

0.1% of the posts that mention Chest Tightness also mention Crohn's Disease (39 posts)
Chest Tightness
Crohn's Disease
We found 39 discussions
" ...on 8 pentasa a day too, but I think it's a pretty mild drug to cause any of that. Numbing in the extremities can just be a Crohn's thing, medicatied or ...I only get chest tightness and palpi... "

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" ...infection..pre-extraction. I have chrons disease and barretts ...3 different heartburn pills. I have a tightness in my throat and at ...swallow. I have also experienced chest tightness/pain, ... "

" ...This happened twice, and since I was already pre-medicated with benadryl and steroids, it was decided that I should have no more Remicade. I can't comment on whether or not the Remicade should... "

" Crohn's, Uveitus, and joint issues. I go every 8 weeks without a problem. However, my infusion today really scared me. Not long after Remicade was started I began to feel a tightening in my ches... "

" ...What a kind group of people you are. My chest tightness decided to go away today, for which I am much for me. But they really angered my Crohn's Disease and that's a fire my gastro doc and... "

" ...for over a year before I started taking it again, and had the reaction a couple of minutes into my second infusion. Started seeing spots, flushed face, tightness in the chest, lower back pain, etc.... "

" searching for a diagnosis for chronic pain chest tightness and GI symptoms diagnosed with crohns 15 yrs ago celiac diagnosed 5 years ago multiple admissions for abdo pain and... "

" ...tightness in the chest, some major fatigue, and a bad taste in my mouth while on the medications. It wasn't reflux--I already take a daily dose of omeprazole for reflux--but it was a little uncomfo... "

" due to SOB and tightness in chest - right lung. Referred to issue as I have Crohn's and have had both ...lowers my immune system. Wonder if this could cause respiratory probl "

" ...tightening in my chest. although he did admit that it can cause acne and mood swings. i feel like everytime i see him he's just like telling me to take some meds and he'll see me in a month. He... "

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