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Chest Pain

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Chest pain may be a symptom of a number of serious conditions and is generally considered a medical emergency. Even though it may be ...
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Common Chest Pain treatments discussed around the web
Aspirin 2,735 Ibuprofen 1,520 Morphine 1,344
276,361 conversations around the web about Chest Pain to help you make a decision
276,361 conversations around the web about Chest Pain to help you make a decision
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Chest Pain & Sore Throat

1% of the posts that mention Chest Pain also mention Sore Throat (2,765 posts)
Chest Pain
Sore Throat
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Sore Throat
We found 2,761 discussions
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" ...and my stomach and throat hurt and a stuffy nose. i'm gunna fail tomorrow. my stomach hurts to lie on and wont stop making weird noises. what do i do ? i've taken... "

" ...pain numbness and a sore throat hard to breath so i went to the er 2 times they said i was fine then i went to my dr who said i have inflammed chest he gave me hydroco 5/500 throa... "

" ...couple days ago i had a bad sore throat and as soon as i felt better with some robotsssin and some tylonol and chroloplastic ...i started to have chest pain i was wondering does that... "

" ...Prilosec did not help me, even at 80 Mg dose, but Nexium has slowly helped me heal so at least I no longer get those chest pains. The Kouffman diet has also helped me get rid of some throat... "

" ...days it went away. I took Nurofen Cold&Flu tablets twice a day and Strepsils tablets. But now I got this strange continuous coughing ,it increases at night time especially! Whenever I inhale I feel... "

" PLEASE RESPOND....ASAP - sore throat & cough I have a sore throat and nagging cough - does ...starting to make my chest hurt.... "

" ...the right's worse with hot foods. feels like something is \"stuck\" in my esophagus. I went to the Dr today as I also have a sore throat and cold. He gave me antibiotics for a bacteria... "

" ...Had a severe sore throat, ...chest pains, ended up going to the emergency room afraid a major system was shutting down, and left with the embarrassing diagnosis of viral respiratory infection (i... "

" ...for the last wk. started prilosec about 2-3 wks ago and the chest pains are gone, still got sore throat, constant clearing of throat and with this. got diagnosed with gerd/lpr 3 wks ago,... "

" ...chest hurting. How to cure? I have had a hacky cough and felt achey, and not well since last Saturday. Tonight I ask my daughter to look at my throat and I have some white patches and the cough is... "

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