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Chest Pain

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Chest pain may be a symptom of a number of serious conditions and is generally considered a medical emergency. Even though it may be ...
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Common Chest Pain treatments discussed around the web
Aspirin 2,717 Ibuprofen 1,510 Morphine 1,327
274,010 conversations around the web about Chest Pain to help you make a decision
274,010 conversations around the web about Chest Pain to help you make a decision
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Chest Pain & Pinched Nerve

0.84% of the posts that mention Pinched Nerve also mention Chest Pain (507 posts)
Pinched Nerve
Chest Pain
We found 507 discussions
" ...I've been noticing that my chest pain has been associated with a pinched nerve in my back. Everything ... "

" true dat FMP, i have been having chest pains right where my heart is ...during a panic attack. The chest pain has been put down to a trapped nerve or something musculoskeletal and i'm... "

" ...a while I will have chest pain on the left side too ...having poor posture and neck problems. You can have a pinched nerve and feel chest pain and pain running down either or both arms. Doing... "

" your doctor. I had a pinched nerve in my neck. Thought I ...down the arn, shooting out a finger and my chest hurting. Anyway besides meds he gave me exercises to do.... "

" im so scared had chest pains for about 2 months now ...left arm. then i had consent pain in left arm also pins and needles ...doctors there saying ive got a trapped nerve but im worried ... "

" ...pass out. But I had similar pain in my chest and my arm was tingly for a couple days. ...said it was probably a pinched nerve because my tests were all fine. But it's SCARY! I'm... "

" ...suffering chest pain. The pain can I am suffering chest pain. The pain can sometimes be extreme.I aslo suffer from cold sweats. I also answer I got was a pinched nerve. Something was als... "

" experiencing chest pains on the left side of I am experiencing chest pains on the left side ...I have had a pinched nerve in my lower back for years. have been ...syndrome, I have verti... "

" ...shut causing me to have the shooting pains in my chest which caused me to pass for not coming after it happened. Any my arm is numb bc I have a pinched nerve in my shoulder from the... "

" ...foot my pcp told me that it was a pinched nerve and I'm supposed to get ...face I feel lightheaded I have been having chest pains and I had a ekg ...Ihave also been having headaches and they ... "

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