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Chest Pain

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Chest pain may be a symptom of a number of serious conditions and is generally considered a medical emergency. Even though it may be ...
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Common Chest Pain treatments discussed around the web
Aspirin 2,714 Ibuprofen 1,503 Morphine 1,316
273,137 conversations around the web about Chest Pain to help you make a decision
273,137 conversations around the web about Chest Pain to help you make a decision
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Chest Pain & Numb Tongue

0.64% of the posts that mention Numb Tongue also mention Chest Pain (10 posts)
Numb Tongue
Chest Pain
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Numb Tongue
We found 10 discussions
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" ...some Effexor I've been off and on these but i'm not on them now. Anyway, Im getting very odd symptoms lately like a choking feeling, numbness of tongue, dizziness, chest pain, foot numbness.... "

" ...danger but you are not, that's why you feel chest pain/left shoulder pain/neck/leg/sometimes half of your left brain goes numb/tongue... don't get scared cz you will cz yourself a... "

" ...1-2 hours a night, high BP/heartrate, no appetite, losing weight, physical anxiety (burning pain in my chest), numb tongue, etc., etc. Really losing it here and want to know if there is... "

" ...recently diagnosed with low Vit D (registered at Headache, shallow breathing, pain in chest, numbness of tongue. Unfortunately, all the articles ...and only take a multivitamin ... "

" ...get chest pains with... "

" do with it. I was gagging and coughing for a week when I started with chest pains and numb tongue and everything. The good news ...much better than when i was smoking... "

" ...neurology said complicated migraine, had numbness down one side numb tongue and face but idk cos ...cost effective, i have pain in my hips ...i had other kinds of chest pain apart from the c... "

Post from
" ...Tingling in fingers, dizziness, foggy, numb tongue , tooth ach, neck pain, pain in my chest, pecotoral pain ear pain numb ...not worring.. I have ocd so it made it worse. This can crea... "

" ...? - constant heaviness / pain in chest that moves around but mostly ...little or no relief, I get MORE relief from Panadol and a hot water ...stressed or upset - numb tongue - elevating ... "

" ...I have never had a numb tongue, that I know of, and the ER for severe chest pain and breathing troubles, I stayed severe, that i needed morphine, he thought it was most... "

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