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Chest Pain

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Chest pain may be a symptom of a number of serious conditions and is generally considered a medical emergency. Even though it may be ...
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Common Chest Pain treatments discussed around the web
Aspirin 2,715 Ibuprofen 1,507 Morphine 1,321
273,630 conversations around the web about Chest Pain to help you make a decision
273,630 conversations around the web about Chest Pain to help you make a decision
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Chest Pain & Ear Pain

0.55% of the posts that mention Ear Pain also mention Chest Pain (496 posts)
Ear Pain
Chest Pain
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Ear Pain
We found 496 discussions
" ...chest hurt from coughing, my jaw and ears hurt and I was so restless...I couldn't take it anymore so I took 1 Tylenol ES 500mg. I haven't taken anything this whole pregnancy. I know they say... "

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" ...started waning and my Dr switched me to Pantaloc. This has been working fine for the past two years. Sometimes with Losec I'd have to double the dose but I haven't had to with this one.... "

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" Ear ache and azythromicin? Hi Everyone! :) ...old son has been complaining of ear ache for the ...newbie mom, Fani Treating 20 year old son for CPni. He has CFSi, severe asthmai, chest pain. O... "

" ...about my levaquin reactions previously here and wanted to follow-up. I'm still suffering the knee pain, chest wall pain, now my ears hurt all the time. month. I am so exhausted I can... "

" ...I have chest pain, ear pain any type of pain ...of relaxing I have had a panic attack. Mostly at night is ...they laugh at me. Most of the day I worry about having an attack. Then hours later... "

" ...half yrs,and lately i have got a neck pain or stiff,may be a slightly swollen and the earache and chest pain are now becoming better after taken tetracycline,i was just given by... "

" ...still concerned. I dont have much energy i have a huge ear ache and i have chest pains right were my heart is and it comes along ...could be mono. But these chest pains have been with me since... "

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" ...head is all stuffy, my ear hurts and this morning the middle of my chest hurt when I had a hacking cough & I have a fever "

" ...I had severe chest pain in the middle and left sideDifficulty breathing, extreme pain in left shoulder, ear ache, inflamed throat, couldn't lean back or bend over. It was painful. I had Morphine in... "

" ...head,body & shoulders.My ears hurt,my heart had ...somewhere.I still get the odd pain in my chest btu everything else has stopped since being on Solian.The pains in my chest do worry me.I hope i... "

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