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Chest Congestion

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Ask a question
(Pulmonary congestion)
Common Chest Congestion treatments discussed around the web
Mucinex 621
12,623 conversations around the web about Chest Congestion to help you make a decision
12,623 conversations around the web about Chest Congestion to help you make a decision
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Chest Congestion & General Anaesthesia

We found 14 discussions
" ...are chattering away. My mom was freaking out thinking that I was freezing! Anyway, the thing I got from general anesthesia was major chest congestion and then GI... "

" Just 2 weeks ago I was in your position. I was in pain, had chest congestion thanks to the general anesthesia, nausea and gas pain. Just 2 weeks later, I am a new person! I am a little... "

" possibly be related to the general anesthesia? (You had two surgeries, right?) I know I felt some chest congestion for a while after surgery. No wheezing, though. And yeah -... "

" major problems other than my weight. i have a slight cough that started yesterday with no production of sputum. what will happen if there is chest congestion and i receive general anesthesia? "

" Chest congestion after general anesthesia Just curious if anyone else ...know mucus accumulation in the upper respiratory system after general anesthesia is common, but I am 2 weeks post op... "

" ...and hate the idea of general anesthesia. I'm also concerned that because I've had some sinus congestion that has caused a little chest congestion, that they'll decide at the... "

" ...done the surgery but if I would have had chest congestion, they would have used an epidural instead of general anesthesia. Call your family dr. tomorrow, explain that you are... "

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" ...very sore throat). Hardly no chest congestion. I fully expect it to ...anesthesiologist will agree to use general anesthesia on someone. Is that true? ...hours. Oh, and I took Sudafed for se... "

" ...Are you supposed to have general anesthesia or conscious sedation? If you have chest congestion, GA may be difficult. I'm need to reschedule? Feel better, I hope your surgery... "

" was that I developed chest congestion with a cough and sore throat due to the general anesthesia. Also, my IV went goofy ...of IV antibiotics, so they gave me cipro tablets to take at... "

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