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Metrorrhagia, also known as breakthrough bleeding or spotting, is uterine bleeding at irregular intervals, particularly between the ex...
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Common Spotting treatments discussed around the web
Provera 17,644 Prometrium 8,583 Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo 5,235
2,330,012 conversations around the web about Spotting to help you make a decision
2,330,012 conversations around the web about Spotting to help you make a decision
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Chaste Berry & Spotting

We found 94 discussions
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" ...Chaste berry herb-info Tish, I will ...vitex with BC pills? I am on them to lessen bleeding during my period ... "

" ...a short LP, too. The spotting stopped in my first full cycle on vitex (chaste berry) and my LP lengthened to... "

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" ...still a Chaste Berry Extract) and I have PCOS. I took it for about 5 months and it didnt do anything for me, I never had a bleed. I stopped it when I started Clomid because... "

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" ...I've not had pre AF spotting since I took chaste ...that now and the spotting hasn't returned for my past 3 ...please please please let my very slight spotting be implantation bleeding. 6... "

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" herb, also known as chaste berry, that helps regulate your hormones. ...O issues, and excessive spotting. Our first two months ...for months beforehand), I had strange spotting before af ... "

" ...AF! Last weekend I had a tiny little bit of spotting i.e. you would have missed ...then nothing happened. I've started taking Evening Primrose Oil, Chaste Berry tablets and drinking Raspberry Le... "

" ...(Chaste Berry Tree) supplement I started taking Vitex (or Chaste Berry Tree) about a month ago to help regulate my period and thus help ...and have only had two days of light spotting from then ... "

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" ...low progesterone because I had several days of brown spotting before AF showed up last ...some reading... I've read that chaste berry is good for promoting progesterone... "

" I'm taking Chaste berry for PMS. I start taking ...period pain I add Feverfew the day before my period is due to start and continue that whilst I'm bleeding and that really helps alleviated the cra... "

" worked well for my acne, but my body wasn't reacting to it very well (I started to get breakthrough bleeding). I was wondering if this chaste berry has a similar effect and if it can be... "

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