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Commit Suicide

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(Completed suicide)
Suicide (Latin suicidium, from sui caedere, "to kill oneself") is the act of an organism intentionally causing its own death. ...
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182,487 conversations around the web about Commit Suicide to help you make a decision
182,487 conversations around the web about Commit Suicide to help you make a decision
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Charcoal & Commit Suicide

We found 86 discussions
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" ...a kid who killed himself with a charcoal grill in a tent. His mom had caught him smoking salvia a... "

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" aint worth livin. He killed himself by firing up a charcoal grill in a tent inside ...journal entries the dope had were misconstrued as suicide notes by the media.... "

Post from
" ...out was a suicide. dude locked himself in his bathroom w/2 charcoal grill... "

Post from
" ...her that my husband was charcoal black and he would take ...back in her face. Just like she treats everyone else She makes me sick. I would never want ...there that she should commit suic... "

" ...Internet to double-date his girlfriend, has committed suicide after the girl fell ...'Mr J' and wanted to break up with Huang. Huang killed himself by burning charcoal in his bedroom on Monday... "

" ...that I would never actually commit suicide, but I keep having thoughts ...I immedietly drank some charcoal and went to the's and OCD thought. I know these are OCD thoughts but they are ... "

" ...fren committed suicide but burning charcoal in room. Not the first attempt to commit suicide but finally succeed. he is suffering from mental illness where he sees his... "

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" ...more effective than charcoal, I would really ...emergency rooms still use charcoal because a friend of mine tried to commit suicide by taking an overdose ...large dose of charcoal. He has mi... "

" The first time I tried to commit suicide was 10 years ago. I swallowed a bottle of aspirin with scare me, I now believe. They gave me the charcoal drink (I believe if I was really in more... "

" ...10 years ago my sister tried to commit suicide by way of taking approx 150 paracetamol containing tablets. She ...they heard her convulsing. It had ...was pumped, was given charcoal and a d... "

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