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Cervical Polyp

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cervical polyp is a common benign polyp (medicine) or tumour on the surface of the Canal of the cervix. They can cause irregular menst...
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1,838 conversations around the web about Cervical Polyp to help you make a decision
1,838 conversations around the web about Cervical Polyp to help you make a decision
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Cervical Polyp & Cramping

6.75% of the posts that mention Cervical Polyp also mention Cramping (124 posts)
Cervical Polyp
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We found 124 discussions
" ...with the little heartbeat. With my first, I had a cervical polyp brought on by pregnancy and at 8 weeks, it ...bleeding as well. there are MANY reason to have some bleeding, just watch for cramp... "

" ...morning and they did a pelvic and found a cervical polyp. I guess they are very common during pregnancy because ...and you are not having cramping. Just go to the doc.... "

" ...bleeding after and really bad cramping. So I figured I would ...Well I ended up having a Cervical Polyp and I had to ...After the procedure I had the worst cramping ever in my life.... "

" ...exam with my gyno last week I was diagnosed with a cervical polyp. Which is probably why my ...never ending periods, and painful cramps. I know being in perimenopause... "

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" ...Dec 14th and I started spotting and now have a full blown period with cramping ect .. I have been under stress because of ...this month. I do have history of a cervical polyp that my OBGYN fou... "

" ...dirty talk too. haha. your cramp sounds like mine. When cramp hit I will need to ...pretty often. When go vietnam, cramp outside I need to ...Feel like crying. Sometime cramp come with spot... "

" ...cramping can be expected and ...they would usually have their period on. Then there is a possibility of having a cervical polyp(s) - I had this and we had repetaed bright red bleeds t... "

" ...and i told her i have been having abnormal bleeding and she happened to it shrunk, i had cramping in my uterus and diarrhea ...the day. That was just cervical polyp. I can't imagine ... "

" ...endometrial biopsy, with some cramping that responded to Ibuprofen. What concerned me was ...I also had a cervical polyp removed at the ...plan to have everything taken out due to pre-cancer ... "

" ...the biopsy was no fun at all. I had a cervical polyp and and endrometrial (sp) done twice. Last year, my ...hurt much just a little crampy. Thank goodness all was clear,... "

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