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Cervical Myelopathy

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Myelopathy refers to pathology of the spinal cord. When due to Physical trauma, it is known as spinal cord injury. When inflammatory, ...
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669 conversations around the web about Cervical Myelopathy to help you make a decision
669 conversations around the web about Cervical Myelopathy to help you make a decision
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Cervical Myelopathy & Disability

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" ...when I presented with obvious cervical myelopathy symptoms. He performed a nerve ...and was pretty much disabled for over 6 months ...need to recommend me for disability despite knowing I ne... "

" ...26, 2012. I was diagnosed with cervical myelopathy with central stenosis and all ...where I would be disabled if nothing was done. ...of major nerve damage and disability. My surgery was ... "

" ...due to spondylotic cervical myelopathy. My life was ...needed I have chronic cervical myelopathy, then I was given a new consultant after 6 years a man I with a disability so much b... "

" ...MRI, I agree with SJBird, we need to consider cervical myelopathy before we start moving stuff around. Lower extremity neuro ...sebastian's thought about imaging not being disability. But if you... "

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" ...husband's friend was denied TDIU, cervical myelopathy and low back condition which ...your service connected right lower extremity disability.\" It goes on to further... "

" ...I am on Social Security Disability since age 50.. At age ...stenosis w/ severe cord compression,and cervical myelopathy. I also need an 8 ...weight I gained after becoming disabled made the... "

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" ...MS POTENTIAL COMPLICATIONS - severely disabled both physically and cognitively. - ...that can cause death. - Cervical myelopathy/severe demyelination in the brainstem --... "

" ...& C6-7 with plating C5 to C7. Diagnosis - Cervical myelopathy. Everything healed great! In 2010 I started dropping cash ...go apply for Social Security Disability & that he would back... "

" ...week later I had surgery Dr. discovered I had cervical myelopathy, a fracture at C5 and the screws from first ...Right now I'm fighting for disability. I also have fibromyalgia, newly... "

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