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Cervical Cancer

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(Cervix carcinoma)
Cervical cancer is malignant neoplasm of the cervix uteri or cervical area. One of the most common symptoms is abnormal vaginal bleedi...
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Common Cervical Cancer treatments discussed around the web
Gardasil 3,427
101,118 conversations around the web about Cervical Cancer to help you make a decision
101,118 conversations around the web about Cervical Cancer to help you make a decision
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Cervical Cancer & UTI

0.61% of the posts that mention Cervical Cancer also mention UTI (620 posts)
Cervical Cancer
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We found 620 discussions
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" ...& Radiation treatment for stage 2b Cervical Cancer ...taking Cipro for it.. Has anyone else had anything like this since their treatments ? I also have pretty bad lower back pain, bloating, Gas ... "

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" ...prevent breast cancer? What about her cervix to prevent cervical cancer? What about her labia to prevent yeast infections and UTI's? Will you give your... "

" ...had cervical cancer. ...Cipro. On May 30th three hours before my dr. appt. to get the catheter out I started leaking again. Went to the Dr.'s took the catheter out and said to come back Thurs Ju... "

" Please post: this IS NOT CERVICAL CANCER!!!!!!! Please use the term ...loosely! I have been diagnosed with UTI - urinary tract infection. ...with worry thanks to your forum of \"cervical... "

" she has stage 4 cervical cancer and needed 2 blood transfusions. Because she had a major uti infection but they are stopping ...the antibiotics for the UTI. they had us call... "

" ...had cervical cancer ...UTI gave me medicine sent me on my way. Then on the 24th I started leaking. I went back to the doctor's and they put a cathered in me and more medicine. On the 30th I was ... "

" ...I am a cervical cancer ...Macrobid and all was fine for 5 days then it came back. I ended up going to a different doctor and they prescribed me on CIPRO. I was on that for 10 days and went back ... "

" dVH/RALH 5 months post hysterectomy: vaginosis and recurrent I the only one I was prone to UTI's before my hysterectomy. Now it seems like I have that I ever had cervical cancer... "

" invalid? Protection against penile cancer and a reduced risk of cervical cancer in female sex partners, and reduction in urinary tract infections were good enough for me... "

" ...only criteria. I have also heard that the procedure lessens the risk for female problems, including reinfection for UTIs and yeast infections ...the occurrence of cervical cancer. Of course, ... "

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