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Cellulitis is a diffuse inflammation of connective tissue with severe inflammation of dermal and subcutaneous layers of the skin. Cell...
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29,608 conversations around the web about Cellulitis to help you make a decision
29,608 conversations around the web about Cellulitis to help you make a decision
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Cellulitis & Wasp Sting

We found 15 discussions
" You could have cellulitis (an infection of the skin). ...see it. If it is cellulitis they will put you on ...some kind. I have had cellulitis as the result of a wasp sting. In addition to t... "

" Cellulitis - advice please! I've had cellulitis before from a wasp sting, and apparently I seem to be prone to it ...- does anyone else have any experience with the infection? I've drawn around the... "

" Quote: my wasp sting on my right index didn't ...the day after. I had some awful cellulitis for about 4 days afterwards.... "

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" ...can get this. I got staph cellulitis from a wasp sting a while back, before I get an antibiotic. I am on IVIG, and they use this to treat horrible infections, so, luckily, I am... "

" may very well have cellulitis which is serious. If it very likely to get cellulitis since they inject bacteria into ...along with the venom. My dd got cellulitis two out of three... "

" ...a doc in Florida that wanted to amputate my arm because I had cellulitis from a wasp sting. Boy, did I run outta' there!! Went to the drugstore and the pharmacist... "

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" ...up with cellulitis after a wasp sting I would... "

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" Wasp Sting - swollen hand, cellulitis - ABC Homeopathy Forum My friend was stung by a wasp on his little finger 2 days ago and immediately took Apis 30x. The swelling reduced significantly by the... "

" Does anyone know the cure to Re: Wasp Sting - swollen hand, chronic Lymphadenitis, Cellulitis, Erysipelas ? The root cause is chronic and long lasting infection with strep in the skin, lymph... "

" ...abscess, possible surgery.... cellulitis, osteomyelitis... did you pick at the wasp sting? where do you live? here in florida we have a lot of community acquired MRSA....many people are... "

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