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Cellulitis is a diffuse inflammation of connective tissue with severe inflammation of dermal and subcutaneous layers of the skin. Cell...
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29,341 conversations around the web about Cellulitis to help you make a decision
29,341 conversations around the web about Cellulitis to help you make a decision
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Cellulitis & Swollen Feet

0.29% of the posts that mention Cellulitis also mention Swollen Feet (84 posts)
Swollen Feet
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Swollen Feet
We found 84 discussions
" ...this morning because he has a red and swollen foot. He has cellulitis, which generally is easily treated ...can be potentially serious. My anxiety stems from the fact... "

" the B12 levels. On another note, I spent all day in the hospital due to a terrible swollen foot and now i have cellulitis. will the antibiotics effect my B12? Good news is that... "

" My father in law keeps comparing my swollen feet and legs to the time he had cellulitis. I've had cellulitis and NO it is NOT the same. Especially when... "

" ...can't take it anymore. My red (somewhat purple), severely itchy and swollen feet are preventing me from sleeping every night. I can't ...think it's that. Maybe foot cellulitis? I probably just n... "

" london i have swollen feet and legs .but one leg is bad.i was in hospital for cellulitis in my leg back in march i took antibotics. but what helped the most is useing sulfur mixed loiton, and put... "

" ...your pain. dd1 is a august baby. i had such swollen feet. my coworker bought me body shop soothing foot gel. bug bites that went into cellulitis from the edema and my... "

" ...exercise has completely eliminated my left foot/ankle swelling. (I ...following a cellulitis infection in ...contributor. Looking for B-12 as a possible treatment for a swollen foot/ankle, ... "

" ...also don't want people feeling sorry for me. At the moment I have swollen feet and cellulitis, so I am trying to deal with these changes myself without worrying what... "

" The cellulitis infection started with swollen foot, black spots on toes and ...numerous doctors and MRI, I was gout/diabetes negative. Finally I had cellulitis diagnosis. Steroids almost cleared it... "

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" ...weakened immune systems (she takes CellCept for her AI condition). ...GP a couple of days ago as he had a red, swollen foot and leg. He has cellulitis, which my dad has had for 10 weeks and... "

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