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Cellulitis is a diffuse inflammation of connective tissue with severe inflammation of dermal and subcutaneous layers of the skin. Cell...
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29,529 conversations around the web about Cellulitis to help you make a decision
29,529 conversations around the web about Cellulitis to help you make a decision
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Cellulitis & Itching

3.59% of the posts that mention Cellulitis also mention Itching (1,061 posts)
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We found 1,061 discussions
" ...sounds awful - both the itch and the cellulitis. Did you have treatment for the cellulitis too? I hope the treatment for the itching helps you. CMML isn't as... "

" ...something stronger. I used it a few weeks with little result, so you might be right. One thing I found hard is that the cream and being moist makes the itching a lot worse. Know of any other ways... "

" ...- gradually decreasing the dose each day for my poison ivy. Though, I ran once I wasn't too itchy. i got great relief from ice. In fact , it was the only thing that stopped the itch. ... "

" antihistamine. Hubby had permanent cellulitis since stopping aspirin after a major stomach bleed. He is on permanent antibiotics at the moment and since getting the HU back into him the itchi... "

" was a trial which did not help. He is back on hydroxy now and gradually the itching is reducing. He had itchy skin before being diagnosed with PV as well. Try the antihistamine half hour befo... "

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" ...or was it just an itch? you could have cellulitis that ...all the right things. it takes a while to get rid of cellulitis. give the antibiotics a still hurt and have itching and pain, ... "

" ...All Finished primary treatment Nov 08. Had cellulitis requiring hospital admission last summer. Now have cellulitis again, am on 4th's just itchy like when I was on taxotere. Any ideas... "

" ...I had cellulitis once ...insect bite? THis is the third day....when can I see some relief from this itching, redness and the way I have been trying not to itch these areas... "

" cellulitis. Not cellulite, cellulitis. It itches, weeps, and WILL not heal. I can take Benadryl, or I can ...Oddly enough, soaking an itchy area in hot water will make it itch madly at first... "

" ...of Prednisone of up to 100mg / day (but try to avoid it if possible). Occasionally the complaint has been so bad I ended up with cellulitis caused ...The most recent treatment to just stop the I... "

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