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Cellulite is a topographic human skin change that occurs in most postpubertal females. It presents as a modification of skin topograph...
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80,171 conversations around the web about Cellulite to help you make a decision
80,171 conversations around the web about Cellulite to help you make a decision
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Cellulite & Gelatin

We found 61 discussions
" ...I have less cellulite. It's true. I've been taking 2-3 tbsp of gelatin a day for a... "

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" ...40% decrease in my cellulite. I did consume the drink and the gelatin several times a week., or if the gelatin helped as well, but I definitely saw a reduction in cellulite and a tig... "

" Turquoise's NEW journal: rants and raves of gelatin and law school My little cellulite spot goes up and down over time. It's not that big, but if I do my body brushing (for exfoliation and... "

" Slim but have cellulite on bottom Cellulite is something given to fat deposits just below the ...balance. Take omega 3s. Moisturize using natural products. Consume Gelatin. Eat a healthy, natur... "

" ...not Saw Palmetto. I gained a cup size using only gelatin, fenugreek and fennel, plus borage oil and a multivitamin. ...I was terrified of getting more cellulite, so I didn't want to... "

" get rid of cellulite and keep my skin firm and nice looking. I... "

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" I have tons of cellulite, but since I was on, it is like the cellulite is instantly reduced. I am preparing my whey powder with gelatin now and eating it as... "

" I am a bit confused now.Can cocoa butter shrink is used for this purpose at thighs,places with cellulite etc. as stephtag70 asked.Also can you give me the says the benefits of gelati... "

" ...taking gelatin a few days ago after having some severe joint pain(i have a ...helpfulness in riding cellulite. i am actually pretty glad i have started taking it and have been pain free the las... "

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" ...- does the gelatin really help? Hi all. ...trying on beach cover-up. My cellulite is horrible. I've heard that the gelatin and one of the drinks ...and don't always want the gelatin. Do you t... "

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