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(Coeliac disease)
Coeliac disease ( spelled celiac disease in North America) is an Autoimmunity disorder of the small intestine that occurs in Ge...
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Common Celiac treatments discussed around the web
Digestive Enzymes 1,265 Prednisone 1,154 Prednisolone 63
362,080 conversations around the web about Celiac to help you make a decision
362,080 conversations around the web about Celiac to help you make a decision
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Celiac & Rennet

We found 12 discussions
" look at any products I might use for rennet, gelatin and other things I do not want in my current diet. I am a celiac as well so while I am looking for hidden... "

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" ...sister , and nephew have been RX as celiac disease). ANyway, here are my questions: ...and gluten free but also Rennet free cheese. Is rennet the same as casin? 3)... "

" ...ingredient lists and on packaging because many people have gluten sensitivity (celiac disease) and they try to avoid eating it. In the US rennet usually comes from calves or sheep (at least, as... "

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" ...cramp up and get a headache so for the cheeses generally w/a vegetarian rennet IN SMALL DOSES (read: not ...tolerate gluten well, but I do not have celiac's disease, those are two ... "

" ...However there are many many people who suffer from celiac, the inablity to digest gluten. That's why the company ...that they are talking about is rennet. This is used in making... "

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" ...don't have Dean's in front of me to check, but rennet, to my knowledge, is safe and is on this safe list of ingredients: http://www.celiac.... "

" Hey try eating out as a veggie with Coeliac disease? Its absolutely painful... No pasta, no stock, no bread, ...sure the cheese I eat at home has no rennet but when I go out its a little hard... "

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" Well I?m definately not lactose intolerant, as I drink loads ...stick to the suspision that rennet or some enzyme may be ...I mean, you can find gluten intolerance on so many levels, and... "

" be the rennet, or whatever they use ...body responds. Oftentimes people with celiac disease have a hard time digesting ...So you could have a gluten intolerance that is underlying this.... "

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" ...casein, caseinate, lactate, lactalbumin, lactic acid, rennet, whey, caseinate (I avoid everything ...friend of mine with 2 kids with celiac said that all vinegars... "

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