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Frequent Urination

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(Frequency of micturition)
Frequent urination, or urinary frequency, is the need to urinate more often than usual. It is often, though not necessarily, ass...
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Common Frequent Urination treatments discussed around the web
Cipro 232 Flomax 175 Elmiron 143
46,620 conversations around the web about Frequent Urination to help you make a decision
46,620 conversations around the web about Frequent Urination to help you make a decision
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Celery & Frequent Urination

We found 7 discussions
" Yes, I was urinating frequently too. And I found that for the first few ...the surgery. I drank some fresh squeezed carrot and celery juice and that did the trick. After that, the... "

" ...fed meat diet I had more inflammation. I tried this meat, ...only meal causes me to urinate frequently, so I guess that can't ...or raw cabbage or raw celery. I also eat raw zuchinni... "

" ...blood through urination. (Hence, frequent urination being a sign of ...ranges will reduce the frequent urination and loss of body ...filling. I've also resorted to celery and peanut butter. ... "

" ...out soda, increased lettuce, tomatoes, celery in my diet, ran 1 ...what my tryglicerides are yet. However, I recently noticed frequent urination during the day. About 7 times in 12 hours,... "

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" ...-AZO Urine test strips and urinary/frequency pain tablets by AZO -Have ...unkown foods I would take Prelief with. Also, you ...spring water, plain potato chips, celery, carrots, fruit such a... "

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" ...describe repeated yeast infestions, swelling's, frequent urination.. Plus many north americas have ...that resolve dampness food wise - celery, parsley, cranberry, rye bread, job's... "

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" ...dishes with noodles, Chocolate. Dislike for celery, corriander (and dishes with those ...younger). 29. Soft stool, occasionally mushy, frequent urination 30. I'm unsure what is... "

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