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Gastritis is an inflammation of the lining of the stomach, and has many possible causes. The main acute causes are excessive Alcoholic...
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Common Gastritis treatments discussed around the web
Nexium 1,874 Prilosec 1,600 Omeprazole 1,388
42,950 conversations around the web about Gastritis to help you make a decision
42,950 conversations around the web about Gastritis to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating Gastritis

Cayenne & Gastritis

We found 21 discussions
" I've been experiencing gastritis for about nine months. This was brought on after ...problem but all have helped. I'm going to try Cayenne, ACV and Aloe Vera now that I've found this... "

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" ...well so far actually.and the cayenne pepper worked real good for the stomach inflammation i would highly recommend trying ...mind thinking pain since i was in pain almost the entire summer.... "

" ...from someone today that the cayenne is not good for the ...the cleanse as I have gastritis and several small ulcers. However, this person's concern that cayenne on an empty stomach isn'... "

" ...(as far as I know, because all others have caused me to fly into gastritis) are amoxicillin and Z-Pac. Hope you feel better soon. I would question the cayenne pepper. It just doesn't sound... "

" but don't make my gastritis flare up. I think you ...some foods with a little cayenne (assuming I'm not dealing with ...a no go. I use Zofran and Phenergan to help... "

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" ...with ulcers, heartburn or gastritis should use any cayenne-containing product cautiously as it ...with capsicum / cayenne as this may ...condition. Products containing cayenne / capsicum ... "

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" ...- I have been using Cayenne Pepper for about 5 years healed and cured my Gastritis where no ammount of allopathia ...of abuse (Self with substances) Cayenne has saved my life -... "

" acid reflux and gastritis. What sort of spices were in this dip you may ask........cayenne peppers! Edited to add: ...capsicum????? So I've been relying on my Bentyl and Prilosec today tha... "

" ...covered with chipotle powder and cayenne, topped with habanero-spiked chili, and ...later he puked blood from gastritis. At the time, I'd been digest it. My guts cramped up somethi... "

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" ...I started ER4YT I had a lot of gastritis and heartburn. It didn't seem ...reading. I found out that cayenne pepper pills and flax seed ...out that it was the cayenne pepper pills that had ... "

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