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(Depressed mood)
Depression is a state of low mood and aversion to activity that can affect a person's thoughts, behavior, feelings and physical well-b...
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Common Depression treatments discussed around the web
Prozac 73,413 Zoloft 73,060 Wellbutrin 63,221
6,763,156 conversations around the web about Depression to help you make a decision
6,763,156 conversations around the web about Depression to help you make a decision
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Cayenne & Depression

We found 375 discussions
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" ...measure my armspan and have another thing to be depressed about---by the way cayenne is one of the healthiest... "

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" cayenne is working for me a half a teaspoon morning ...give it two weeks and youll be over your depression because things will have gotten better and your legs... "

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" ...just lemons, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. If I was you ...your own with the diabetes thing. But anytime your are sick, depressed or obese, a Master cleanse is a good way... "

" ...Chocolate : high in magnesium and other ?feel good? and lowers stress Cayenne Pepper : depression reliever Banana : helps and magnesium Oats: eases depression Spend time... "

" ...soup with tomatos,celery,zuchini, kidney beans, cayenne,quinoa, and lots of garlic for ...our neurotransmitter balance. I get severe temporary depression when low carb for a... "

" You're depressed? How do you think I ...7 lbs and now, my total weight loss - from my starting (and drinking only 4 glasses of lemonade w/o cayenne pepper) has lost 20.5 lbs. I just can't... "

" for this information Cayenne. I too have depression and have never determined ...genetic component to depression, as there are ...say that the Valium created the worst feelings of depress... "

" Crystal, it's normal 2 feel down at times. still rem our bb sitter been giving Cayenne egg yolk since she past ...mixed wif some \"mee suan\" soup. Cayenne loves tat! re : 2nd... "

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" I have a history of very bad depression. I feel that my daily and sometimes daily green shake has helped me ...oranges and any other fruit I have on hand cayenne pepper 1-2 bananas God... "

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" Interesting Nightingale, I will try the cayenne pepper & ginger sometime soon to see how they ...sensible. Your past is sad to read about (your depression, etc.), but you've come a long way, and I'... "

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