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Cellulitis is a diffuse inflammation of connective tissue with severe inflammation of dermal and subcutaneous layers of the skin. Cell...
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29,552 conversations around the web about Cellulitis to help you make a decision
29,552 conversations around the web about Cellulitis to help you make a decision
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Cat Scratch & Cellulitis

We found 22 discussions
" mean he gave you a rocephin injection, or IV rocephin therapy? I have had cellulitis before (due to a cat scratch) and have had both ...once you get cellulitis you are prone... "

" ...awful. How bad is the bite? Did you call the Doc? I got a serious cellulitis from a cat scratch and/or bite. You are incredible to be thinking of the safety of the... "

" My SIL got cellulitis from a cat scratch (but you can get it from any scratch...even little tiny ones that you can't feel or see). There are no-kill shelters, but you might want... "

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" ...Maybe what you have isn't cellulitis but a delayed allergic reaction. ...I've thought I've had cellulitis and the doc has ...antibiotics. Or maybe you have cellulitis AND an allergy problem... "

" cellulitis hi has anyone here ever had cellulitis ? i have it in my arm from a cat scratch , at first i was diagnosed shingles now it turns out its this . i have been in such agony but... "

" ...IVF 2ww. I had developed cellulitis on my hand the day before my ET (from a cat scratch) and had to go ...days later....yep, yeast infection. But my RE said I could use monistat internally. ... "

" great. I will clean, use neosporin then bandage ...dr. has me taking 1000 mg vitamin C morning and night because I am suseptable to Cellulitis. My first bout with ...stop letting my cat sc... "

" cellulitis scratch. I hope yours clears up very quickly. ((( HUGS ))) and strength. Lorraine, sending you tons of extra strength and calm. Praying your worries can be put aside for... "

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" ...removed during surgery for melanoma, 2 yrs ago, also lung surgery, well, he got a cat scratch and a cut from a ...3 weeks for a dx of cellulitis and lymphedema, he had just... "

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" Even though I've had cellulitis twice in the past year, ...threshold. My first bout with cellulitis came after a surgical procedure ...bout was caused by a cat scratch two weeks ago. I g... "

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