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Cat Scratch Fever

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(Cat scratch disease)
Cat scratch disease (CSD) (also known as "Cat scratch fever", "Inoculation lymphoreticulosis", and "'''Subacute regional l...
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4,950 conversations around the web about Cat Scratch Fever to help you make a decision
4,950 conversations around the web about Cat Scratch Fever to help you make a decision
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Cat Scratch Fever & Dizzy

0.2% of the posts that mention Cat Scratch Fever also mention Dizzy (10 posts)
Cat Scratch Fever
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" ...prop once and I got really dizzy. I knew it happened but after the dizziness I was fine for a ...I started to feel sick. I also started ...They told me I had cat scratch fever and gave me zpa... "

" ...dizzy all the time- i just sit down for that. and finally, have you been scratched by any of your kitties lately? i was attacked by a cat while pregnant and my OB tested me for toxosomething or oth... "

" ...and during a meeting, got dizzy and almost passed out. Arm problems (whew!). I got scars now. Was told it was \"Cat Scratch Fever\" - just like the song.... "

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" ...I'd like to use the title of a popular song (first two were Dizzy Miss Lizzie and Cat Scratch Fever) from 10-50 years ago. A song with any of these in the title would work:... "

" Yeah...they said it was maybe \"cat scratch fever\"///(ruled out through blood work)then they ...people and it apparetnly makes me dizzy.PLUS its too hot or cold.(just... "

" ...vertigo can be plain just dizziness..allt he way to what I had..they tested me for scratch fever(which I have SENSE gotten ...only other thing we had were swollen lymphs ... "

" feel dizzy, notice swollen lymph glands ...bite from a cat. She had been bitten before (again quite nastily) from another cat & never suffered from cat scratch disease before, so just be... "

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" ...have what is known as \"Cat Scratch Fever\" it generally happens when a ...brain. It can also cause Fever of course, but also mild \"Dizziness and Fatigue\" Symptoms, and also can make you have... "

" ...year old woman with cat scratch fever and it seems like ...joints and occasional sickness and dizziness. The lump in my neck ...will all end. I'm taking azithromycin (antibiotics) for the... "

" ...anxiety, hence I took a xanax, the pressure died down, but ...the body along with diziness. Had an MRI a ...nothing found-recently was diagnosed with cat scratch disease, but that's minim... "

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