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Sepsis (, from Gr. : the state of putrefaction or decay) is a potentially deadly medicine condition that is characterized by a who...
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Common Sepsis treatments discussed around the web
Vancomycin 141 Flagyl 58 Ampicillin 50
28,967 conversations around the web about Sepsis to help you make a decision
28,967 conversations around the web about Sepsis to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating Sepsis

Cat Bite & Sepsis

We found 11 discussions
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" Hello RR My lowest numbers were 9.3 and they dropped while I was in the hospital for a cat bite that was septic. I used procrit and neupogen, but my ...dropped due to the sepsis. It was all very... "

" ...on the cat, nothing. Thank goodness she got the augmentin, I've had sepsis in my wrist/arm from my own cat biting me ...abx course will help keep cat bite infections away as well (in... "

" ...don't want to get sepsis from the cat bite. take care of... "

" ...patients when I was in the ICU was there with cellulitis and sepsi... "

" ...HI! I have posted a question regarding my seizure activity....the doctors still have found no reason for ...the possiblity of my previous cat bite sepsis, and am wondering if the... "

Post from
" ...P multocida with bites = nasty local or systemic sepsis, Bartonella henselae (previously Rochalimea) with cat scratch = localised ...not too bad. Rat bite fever/cat bite fever - whats the... "

Post from
" cat bite--can't find in archives I am ...bacterial soap and then rubbing alcohol. 1. Is there any way that this could cause a systemic infection and hurt the baby? 2. Could this cause... "

Post from
" ...rescue and I had a cat bite. It was in the middle ...within 4 hours I had phlebitis, the vein was infected. could have lead to sepsis and a hospital stay. Do... "

" ...capsule; surgery because of sepsis leading to septic arthritis. ...infection from the serious cat bite? The post inflammatory gliosis ...somehow related to the cat bite incident, since I was... "

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" ...taken: Levaquin, Promethazine Side effects: I did not experience any side effects from taking ...a severely infected cat bite wound on the top ...might become a systemic infection). Th... "

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