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Migraine is a chronic neurological disorder characterized by moderate to severe headaches, and nausea. It is about three times more ...
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Topamax 24,670 Tylenol 20,151 Imitrex 17,136
817,346 conversations around the web about Migraines to help you make a decision
817,346 conversations around the web about Migraines to help you make a decision
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Castor Oil & Migraines

We found 96 discussions
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" ...for tommorrow because I had a headache & nausea. She was ...that I was just getting a migraine from the massive amounts of ...of EPO, clary sage & castor oil to see if that would... "

" ...the right. It hurt to just even breathe. I've been swollen so bad and having migraines. Last week they said I was 2 cm dialted be induced. I've tried castor oil three times.. I've ate spic... "

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" ...that my migraines had lightened up over the last week, one hit me like a ton of bricks yesterday. It's so frustrating. I can't wait until this little one is out of me so I can take ibuprofen again.... "

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" ...nauseous every day on Lutera, triggered my migraines frequently and lost a lot ...clear! And I usually have AT LEAST two pimples. What helped me was ...and wash off and castor oil before bed.... "

" ...seem to get loads of migraines at the mo,im ...normal?.i wouldnt use the dentinox again,it does ...12 Carole-anne.ty hun.x I didnt know you did the castor oil in the end...was it ... "

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" ...on, that helped a little. Castor oil packs helped a little. It's ...a headache close to a migraine today and I've been miserable! ...- I made the stinking coffee enema. Two pulls through a... "

" ...A LITTLE Jamaican Black Castor Oil (for thickening the hair, ...odd, and b) I am a migraine sufferer so I'm careful ...I will say that I think using MSM in the first month helped greatly, bu... "

" yes and no. having contractions, my belly gets rock the store to get castor oil to rub on my belly ...earlier, I only took a migraine pill, which does not always... "

" ...get better, I have migranes sometimes and I know ...the most common use is castor oil on the tummy. We use a cloth with warm castor oil that we put on the ...I might try the castor oil. There... "

" ...the miracle curing powers of Castor Oil. Seriously! And I don t ...and I printed out the castor oil guide that some LHC member ...on my forehead for my migraines, but it didn t... "

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