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Kidney Stones

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(Kidney Calculi)
kidney stone, also known as a renal calculus (from the Latin ren, "kidney" and Calculus (medicine), "pebble") is a solid...
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Common Kidney Stones treatments discussed around the web
Morphine 2,466 Vicodin 1,343 Percocet 1,144
152,117 conversations around the web about Kidney Stones to help you make a decision
152,117 conversations around the web about Kidney Stones to help you make a decision
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Castor Oil & Kidney Stones

We found 35 discussions
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" Thanks girls. DOMINGOSWIFEY to answer your question, I had kidney stones and it was extremely painful and my doctor and ...I had the baby. Has anyone tried castor oil?? Good or bad... "

" ahhahaha! castor oil! haha. my hubby bought some for me yesterday! i ...appalled by this, but I would soooooo take the castor oil myself if I past my due date if it weren't for my kidney stone... "

Post from
" ...strip of cotton fabric with castor oil and put that on my ...for additional support while passing kidney stones last summer. It greatly helped ...the things I did got the kidney stones to pas... "

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" ...-- I was in the ER with DH all night, because he had a kidney stone. I almost bought castor oil yesterday, but I restrained myself. I figure I'll resort to that only if... "

" ...twice a year usually in summer (not enough fluids). And then again around December. For 3 days now I've had blood in my urine but no kidney stone pain yet. But because of my other disease and chron... "

" ...kidney stone removed. Having Pain and swelling in the belt line. Had castor oil. Can I use olive oil? i just had a kidney stone removed last monday i ...i had some castor oil maybe 2 teaspoons... "

Post from
" Honestly there was nothing I could do to relief the pain other than a really ...The reason I had kidney stones is because I never ...and eating healthy. As of castor oil I'm to \"chicken\" ... "

" ...tried to say I was dehydrated then gave me ...stayed strong and then they said it was my kidney stones cuz my back was horrible ...didn't know there was one....but castor oil primrose oil and... "

Post from
" ...take his advice for the most part. I have severe pain from the hydronephrosis and kidney stones. My doctor told me he may have me take castor oil cocktail (midwife cocktail?) at 37 weeks to try and... "

" ...per prep instructions took two Bisacodyl tablets around 10 ...the years related to my kidney stones (castor oil once, though usually nasty Citromag), ...colonoscopy. I'll be taking Pico Salax... "

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