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Itch (Latin: pruritus) is a Wikt:sensation that causes the desire or reflex to scratch. Itch has resisted many attempts to class...
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Common Itching treatments discussed around the web
Benadryl 43,891 Hydrocortisone 12,454 Prednisone 8,846
1,709,403 conversations around the web about Itching to help you make a decision
1,709,403 conversations around the web about Itching to help you make a decision
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Castor Oil & Itching

We found 1,631 discussions
" ...I started rinsing with ACV my scalp no longer itches. I also use a little Castor oil and aloe vera gel ...supposedly that helps with itching as well, I cant... "

" ...wash properly because the itching came back. Stop using it then. Thinking of just using Castor oil. Which one... "

" me. Does your scalp itch at all when you look into tea tree, castor oil, or monistat to help with... "

" ...I love the smell of castor oil and I heard it had the winter when my scalps gets itchy... "

" it now makes my legs itch. I do use coconut oil, I mix it with castor oil and jojoba oil. My... "

" @AyannaDivine JBCO actually makes my scalp itch. But cold pressed castor oil from the drugstore works better for my scalp. But... "

" ...QUOTE ] I ordered some castor oil from Cedarvale and got the ...the next day and the itching went away. [/ QUOTE ] ... "

" ...weekly steroid that is thought to prevent preterm labor. It's a soultion in CASTOR OIL, and it hurts hurts hurts. The injection... "

" Castor Oil Prevents Scar I'm using castor oil for 3 weeks on my ...working wonders but now my scar is itchy, stretched, uncomfortable and tight, c... "

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" not seem to have the itching when I use the pre-moistened ...use a Q-tip with castor oil, it bothers me a ...the Q-... "

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