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Carpal Tunnel

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Ask a question
(Carpal tunnel syndrome)
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is idiopathic median neuropathy at the carpal tunnel. The pathophysiology is not completely underst...
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Common Carpal Tunnel treatments discussed around the web
Ibuprofen 782 Tylenol 554 Prednisone 438
107,594 conversations around the web about Carpal Tunnel to help you make a decision
107,594 conversations around the web about Carpal Tunnel to help you make a decision
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Carpal Tunnel & Stiff Fingers

4.48% of the posts that mention Stiff Fingers also mention Carpal Tunnel (65 posts)
Stiff Fingers
Carpal Tunnel
We found 65 discussions
" ...that about 20 years ago, now I have trouble with Carpel tunnel in both wrists and stiff fingers. I still might try... "

" My carpel tunnel symptoms (pain, numbness, stiff fingers) were gone by about 2 weeks post partum. I honestly don't remember when exactly but there was... "

" ...fingers I have had carpal tunnel before and used to ...the first time I have experienced finger stiffness to such an extreme. wiggle them. I have heard both carpal tunnel or water reten... "

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" ...predinsone. However, I've now been off of that for about a month, and prior to that he kept me on a very low dosage (2.5mg every other day as I was taken down from 80mg). I intend to ask my nep... "

" ...carpal tunnel syndrome too. The physio completely got rid of the pain, now I ...I still get pins and needles during the day, numbness and stiff fingers in the ... "

" I get very stiff fingers when I try to do crochet, much more so ...too tightly with the small DPNs, I sometimes get tingly or numb fingers, which is probably a bit of Carpel Tunnel or general nerve... "

" ...thought I'd check on you, though. How's it going? By the way, the stiff fingers have lessened, but the \"carpal tunnel\" in my right wrist is worse than ever. Course, I haven't been wearing... "

" ...first thought was carpel tunnel, but I had ...are not swollen. my fingers are sore to touch ...sense. They also feel really stiff (fingers that is) Anyone else get/have this as well.???????? ... "

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" ...welcome. Yes I do have carpal tunnel in both wrists it was ...all my fingers and very stiff fingers my pain is all over ...said it was not the carpal tunnel. I heard the surgery and... "

" ...Tunnel Surgery Follow-Up I am a 57 yr-old female. I had carpal tunnel surgery on 5/24 (as ...the incision area, it gives me no pain when I press ...wake up with very stiff fingers. Is all thi... "

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