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Carpal Tunnel

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(Carpal tunnel syndrome)
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is idiopathic median neuropathy at the carpal tunnel. The pathophysiology is not completely underst...
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Common Carpal Tunnel treatments discussed around the web
Ibuprofen 782 Tylenol 554 Prednisone 438
107,321 conversations around the web about Carpal Tunnel to help you make a decision
107,321 conversations around the web about Carpal Tunnel to help you make a decision
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Carpal Tunnel & Neck And Shoulder Pain

0.47% of the posts that mention Neck And Shoulder Pain also mention Carpal Tunnel (29 posts)
Neck And Shoulder Pain
Carpal Tunnel
We found 29 discussions
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" ...swears by it... Suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome and garden variety... "

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" ...south :( I began having severe neck and shoulder pain along with a heavy feeling for work that I was developing carpal tunnel syndrome. My PCP immediately suggested I... "

" ...I just can't get a comfy sleep. My hips hurt so bad at night, I have chronic neck and shoulder pain (not from pregnancy) and carpel tunnel is kicking in which results in waking up in... "

" ...12 mths I have had two carpal tunnel surgerys, once on each hand, ...weeks ago, I still have tingling and numbing hands along with neck and shoulder pain, I cant move every morni... "

" ...mention cubital & carpal tunnel - possible repetitive you have neck and shoulder pain - a chronic ...those areas? The swelling in the collarbone... "

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" ...I woke up with pain and stiffness in my neck and shoulders, especially on the right. I also have disc issues in my neck. I'm waiting for a PT referral for neck and shoulder pain, so that has... "

" ...said he has never seen carpal tunnel affect the shoulder or neck Interestly I still had numbness in my left hand ...but that wasn't causing my neck and shoulder pain... "

" having boob envy. I no longer have neck and shoulder pain, and my lower back pain is greatly reduced. I've recently noticed that difficulty writing on carpel tunnel syndrome, but it t... "

" ...local hospital as I had carpel tunnel syndrome. The rheumatologist sent me for ...MRI scan as I had neck and shoulder pain and stiffness. I was also I've been having a lot of pain. I... "

" ...past week. I've been having neck and shoulder pain for a couple ...turns out, I have really \"severe\" carpal tunnel syndrome requiring surgery in the ...a lot of my neck and shoulder pain a... "

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