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Carcinoma (Gk. karkinos, or "crab", and -oma, "growth") is the medical term for the most common type of cancer occurring in Ho...
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35,034 conversations around the web about Carcinoma to help you make a decision
35,034 conversations around the web about Carcinoma to help you make a decision
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Carcinoma & Dysplasia

1.09% of the posts that mention Dysplasia also mention Carcinoma (341 posts)
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" ...biopsy report showed low grade dysplasia but this time it was a high grade dysplasia but non-invasive. Is there any cure for high grade dysplasia before it changes into carcinoma??? Thanks,... "

" ...of recurring dysplasia. My sister had carcinoma insitu also 10 years ago. ...Doesn't most dysplasia with low-risk HPV never progress to cancer? But my dysplasia did progress to CIN2 12 years ... "

" dysplasia on vaginal cuff? I'm 33 ...days before he found the carcinoma in si-tu so I guess ...happen because it seemed so aggressive. Has anyone had dysplasia reoccure on the cuff? If so, wha... "

" ...cells-squamous or glandular, etc). My gyn/onc made me feel much better about my cancer diagnosis and what my treatment options were. Gyn/oncs also see patients with severe dysplasia (and CIN III ... "

" ...going nuts I think my dh is ready to send me now. My problem is carcinoma on my cervix and dysplasia . I have no symptoms but doc is afraid of cancer if I... "

" I was told I have cervical dysplasia/carcinoma...I can't wait to talk to ...that it can take years to get severe dysplasia, and years more to get the carcinoma...and yet here I am at... "

" ...your mastectomy. That being said, this is EXACTLY the reason why the push to change treatment protocol for DCIS and call it a \"dysplasia\" issue and take the word carcinoma out is flawed,... "

" ...dysplasia. CIN I is mild dysplasia. In severe dysplasia. Doctors typically will treat that right away since it rarely improves on its own. After that is carcinoma/adenocarcinoma in sit... "

" ...that I have extreme dysplasia and that ...I have had Carcinoma Insitu previously ...of the month. does anyone have any idea where severe dysplasia is in that catagory??? Thanks for any... "

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" or red-and-white have mostly developed dysplasia or frank carcinoma. Similarly the verrucous or... "

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