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Canker Sores

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(Aphthous stomatitis)
aphthous ulcer , also known as a canker sore, is a type of mouth ulcer which presents as a painful open sore cutaneous condition...
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Common Canker Sores treatments discussed around the web
Orajel 186 Anbesol 145 Benzocaine 58
18,507 conversations around the web about Canker Sores to help you make a decision
18,507 conversations around the web about Canker Sores to help you make a decision
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Canker Sores & Pinkeye

0.07% of the posts that mention Canker Sores also mention Pinkeye (13 posts)
Canker Sores
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We found 13 discussions
" else with CC have canker sores and get pink eye with flare ups. I would like ...this diesease. I've had the canker sores from day one, but ...this time I have pink eye too. HELP any infor... "

" ...any one else suffer from pink eye and canker sores in the mouth when they are having a bad flare up of CC ...hadn't had the pink eye before with my flare ups. But I have had the canker sores fro... "

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" Im no expert on canker sores. But if this happened to me, I would go ...this. This is just what I would do. CS got rid of my pink eye when nothing else would. Within 2 applications it compl... "

" experience tells me that canker sores do accompany this disease for ...of us. I don't think pink eye is a complication due to ...I began taking Entocort. My canker sores come and go, dep... "

" ...I thought maybe it was pink eye at the time, icky...I also had what I think were canker sores (mouth ulcers) at the... "

" ...and get meds for that, then to your eyes...Styes, pink eye, dry eye, objects in eye, ect. Ears, wax remover, ect mouth. Canker sores, lost fillings...Get the... "

" ...with a pink eye...a few days later I started out with a pink eye...a few days ...began to notice canker sores under my tongue & now they've developed on my throat...first pink eye, now this! Cou... "

" ...3 mg 2x per day before the entocort iwas very miserable it has help but I am still having bad flare ups. I've had chronic diarrehea, fever,fatigue, horride stomach pains, Joint pain, and bad canker... "

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" ...TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) - \"For pink-eye or sunburn or irritated eyes, ...Excess HEAT (eye inflammation, burning urine, canker sores, appetite control Headach) (dring between... "

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" ...gets something similar to pink eye, yet it's not contagious. the docs). We try to treat with allergy drops, moving on ...But now poor sweetie has a mouth full of canker sores Of all... "

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