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Canker Sores

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(Aphthous stomatitis)
aphthous ulcer , also known as a canker sore, is a type of mouth ulcer which presents as a painful open sore cutaneous condition...
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Common Canker Sores treatments discussed around the web
Orajel 187 Anbesol 145 Benzocaine 58
18,655 conversations around the web about Canker Sores to help you make a decision
18,655 conversations around the web about Canker Sores to help you make a decision
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Canker Sores & Nystatin

We found 52 discussions
Canker Sore
I have had a canker sore in my mouth that came from nowhere for almost a week now and i have tried everything to make it go away today i went to see our nurse at work and she gave me nystsin suspention now i would like to now if this will help clear up this canker sore

Chancre sores/Nystatin/Thrush
Went to the Dr's on Monday, was diagnosed with thrush, a bacterial AND viral infection (needless to say, I've been EXTREMELY ill and have slept more hours than I can even count.) The Dr did not take an oral swab to diagnose the oral Trush, he did not do anything. After listening to my lungs he asked to look in my mouth and quickly said "Ahh dry mouth", um yes, I had a dry mouth because you asked me to inhale/exhale 10 times quickly. Obviously I'm going to have a dry mouth. But apparently, in his books, that's Thrush. After 3 days of swishing the nasty insanely sweet Nystatin 3x a day, I have developed MULTIPLE sores in my mouth and now they are progressing onto my lips that are EXTREMELY painful. Is THIS finally Thrush? Didn't have it before - but now I suddenly do? I'm so sick, haven't eaten since last Friday (7 days ago) and finally now I am feeling a slight appetite but do not wish to eat as even water makes these sores sting. UNIMPRESSED TO THE FULLEST.

" ...The one you mention is good for canker sores, but I'm... "

" ...sores. It looked like his mouth was COVERED in canker sores! Needless to say, he screamed ...his mouth until the Nystatin cleared it up. Thankf... "

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" ...I have been getting more canker sores in my mouth ...before. Im on Nystatin, and valtrex i think its making them worse . So painf... "

" ...get mouth sores and canker sores and sore tongue at about month 4-5. I use peroxyl mouth wash about 4 X's daily, I use nystatin when needed and kenalog... "

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" Melissa-Sara has been having a problem with canker sores lately. She gets giant ones ...I think its generically called nystatin. It helps but its not ...Good luck I know they are terribly painf... "

" ...Michael got HORRIBLE thrush from ...that looked like canker sores!. And from the way he SCREAMED, they probably FELT like canker sores! We had to use Nystatin (and get him... "

" Tongue hurts. Tried nystatin. What could be the reason ...I do not have any canker sores but my toungue hurts. I ...beeb rinsing QID with 5ml nystatin (oral sol.) What do you... "

" ...just really bad \"canker sores\" that have been ...(which I'm treating with nystatin). Are the mouth ulcers like canker sores? I also was recently reminded that my dad has had oral herpes sinc... "

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