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Candidiasis or thrush is a fungal infection (mycosis) of any of the Candida (genus) species (all yeasts), of which ''Candida...
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Common Candida treatments discussed around the web
Probiotic 7,011 Diflucan 4,436 Antifungal 4,397
194,370 conversations around the web about Candida to help you make a decision
194,370 conversations around the web about Candida to help you make a decision
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Candida & Menstrual Period

0.64% of the posts that mention Candida also mention Menstrual Period (1,249 posts)
Menstrual Period
We found 1,249 discussions
" an enviromental detox. I have been doing candida control for 2 months and my c ycle and period are beatiful now. Just trying... "

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" ...To prevent woman's disease, such as candidiasis. Improve period pain. Before my period is not on time and it's very painful when period is coming. But now i... "

" ...had the same symptoms a year ago for about 2 months, my homeopath started treating me for Candida and a week later I got a period, the pain was ther a full blown period, with heating pad ... "

" ...if I'm stressed my period comes 1 or 2 ...if it is my actual period, implantation bleeding or an early miscarriage. I used a vaginal suppository to treat candida, could this cause my period... "

" ...never had regular cycles. She is also treating me for candida which seems to be quite common with PCOS, she is working on my liver to clear my acne as well. I just generally am starting to feel... "

" ...acupuncture in July and got a period in September and 38 days later one in October! She is also treating candida for me and working on my liver to treat my acne. I have never had... "

" ...for 4 years. I started at age 28. relief only during the week of my period. NOw that I am ...I believe triggers my candida hypersensitivity), but before that ...yeast, during your period your... "

" ...years ago I had a period of light depression myself. ...connection between depression and candida. When I got rid off candida the depression went away ...and raw fats clean candida fast. This... "

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" ...menstrual cycle become out of control. Have you taken any Diflucan (or Boots' own cheaper alternative)? Will get rid of it - also try taking acidophilus. Don't take Yakult/Actimel as ... "

" ...i have heavy growth of Candida glabrata which is less sensitive to usual treatment (the normal organism is Candida albicans) My GP gave me a single dose of flucanazole to menstrual period... "

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