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Candidiasis or thrush is a fungal infection (mycosis) of any of the Candida (genus) species (all yeasts), of which ''Candida...
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Common Candida treatments discussed around the web
Probiotic 7,036 Diflucan 4,460 Antifungal 4,409
194,860 conversations around the web about Candida to help you make a decision
194,860 conversations around the web about Candida to help you make a decision
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Candida & MRSA

0.18% of the posts that mention MRSA also mention Candida (172 posts)
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" ...for someone suffering from a life threatening candida infection, this vaccine would ...for vaccines but they are talking about MRSA and Candida that is resistant to ...for the average person ... "

" ...etc..infections....vancomycin is on a PICC line, going directly into your veins, as opposed to your stomic where the majority of our beneficial bacteria exist. Glad you have been on a MRSA-... "

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" ...antibiotics have caused me to flare with candida symptoms. I have been on Natren probiotics, are there any other good ones? Is Natren good? I can't even find a good doctor who can tell me anything.... "

" ...Parasites. Gave up and am taking Clindamycin antibiotic for MRSA (bummer because for years I've avoided drugs) but now causing serious Candida, again. Just want to have it under a bit of control... "

" the pm per day, at 800 mgs. Much of what I have Read online and off concerning taking antibiotics is that once you are off of them for a week to months, the MRSA frequently returns. Over use of... "

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" ...condition, or a C-diff condition, or a MRSA condition on anyone... all resultant from the use of antibiotics or contamination ... it is all caused by the over use of antibiotics and you... "

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" ...The probiotic needs to be 3 hours away from the oreganol. I honestly feel like I am struggling more now with the fungus or yeast from being on Bactrim too many times than MRSA. The awesome thing ... "

" ...was culturing MRSA when he was listed. ...the line out. He had MRSA in the (port) line that cleared but then it got Candida, so they took it out, ...So No blood infections with MRSA or fungu... "

" go to may have MRSA at anytime. We had a ...kind and 2 people got MRSA in some minor, cuts ...flourishes in the air. I am being treated for candida, in my esohpagus... again... "

" the hospital for two months with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma. She has had MRSA, Candidas in her blood stream, Pseudamonas, and other infections. She will be going home... "

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