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Candidiasis or thrush is a fungal infection (mycosis) of any of the Candida (genus) species (all yeasts), of which ''Candida...
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Common Candida treatments discussed around the web
Probiotic 7,044 Diflucan 4,465 Antifungal 4,416
195,213 conversations around the web about Candida to help you make a decision
195,213 conversations around the web about Candida to help you make a decision
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Candida & Couldn't Walk

0.05% of the posts that mention Candida also mention Couldn't Walk (88 posts)
Couldn't Walk
We found 88 discussions
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" Does humaworm kill candida? too much dieoff? Hi i ...on this forum i have candida. So im going to try ...use the computer much due to brain fog and can't walk for etc etc (have been diagnosed wi... "

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" requiring attention, as I cannot walk very far without seizing up ...drugs. Also, do anti-inflams affect candida? I have a lovely doctor ...believe that i have candida......... "

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" ...lasted on a rather extreme anti-candida diet (It's called the Rainbow ...on that diet that I couldn't walk out of weakness on day ...that is! Personally, I have huge candida flares from br... "

" ...I tried taking Caprylic Acid (also 2 a day for 2 days) and experienced the same thing. Most recently, I added virgin coconut oil to my food (two tablespoons a day for two days) and couldn't walk... "

" ...the V test.. I got will cause bb itching or ...V leh..dame painful until I can't walk... so I cried,they let me ...on cried..cos very painful...and got a bit bleed come out lor...... "

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" ...swollen. I usually can't walk right during that ...saying that using Estrace cream in the vagina has not increased your candidiasis? Or is it just people who didn't have candida that it help... "

" thigh muscles. I cannot walk much. My office is ...mobike. Have you tried anti-candida diet ? I have ...on internet tought me that most FMS problems are related to candida yeast over-grow... "

" ...have caused alot myself alot of stress. I have done parasite clenses, candida clenses and all sorts of other regimes to see ...know most sufferes with CFS can't walk far, I am not that... "

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" ...or Candida? I have recently spent now following a Candida diet and my health has improved remarkabley within weeks, and ...Candida the more I feel that my symptoms are Candida related r... "

" ...the pun). One woman I spoke to said it cured her candida and vaginal yeast infection, which had been a severa problem lasting several years. She ...lady had IBS so bad she couldn't walk... "

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