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(Neoplasm malignant)
Cancer , medically called a malignancy neoplasm, is a term for a large group of different diseases. In cancer, cell (biology)s divide...
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Common Cancer treatments discussed around the web
Tamoxifen 40,973 Medical Marijuana 32,071 Herceptin 30,855
3,958,853 conversations around the web about Cancer to help you make a decision
3,958,853 conversations around the web about Cancer to help you make a decision
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Cancer & Ventral Hernia

3.66% of the posts that mention Ventral Hernia also mention Cancer (47 posts)
Ventral Hernia
We found 47 discussions
" ...some of the H&N cancer operations) or some complex ...some of the component-release ventral hernia procedures, melanoma work, breast cancer,and some head/neck cancer resections in rare cases.... "

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" had a large ventral hernia repaired, then moderate discomfort ...Wascher, MD, FACS A Cancer Prevention Guide for the Hu... "

" ...There was also a peach sized mass that he found and had to remove, no cancer Thank You Jesus. Then he had to fix a hiatal hernia and large ventral hernia. So I used up too much time on the... "

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" ...had a large ventral hernia repaired, then moderate has been removed:// A Cancer Prevention Guide... "

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" ...I was told I was cancer Free, I'm concerned about the appearance measuring 5 x 4 mm 5) Small ventral hernia containing fat is seen in the mid anterior abdominal... "

" ...popped out under my breasts...ventral hernia, hence the puffy swollen ...slicker, recommended me to have both ovaries out, as cancer of the ovaries is one of the worst cancers to have. At christ... "

" ...says only 3% of adult cancer patients get involved in trials. ...large mesh from the ventral hernia hurts. So one day ...comes on for the American Cancer Association...\"Give now! We've a... "

" ...almost certain it cancer. My mind and heart raced as I ...diagnosed it as a ventral hernia, related to my two C-sections. A ventral hernia is also called an ...and I had the hernia repaired... "

Post from
" ...was prior to, with a ventral hernia thanks to infection; but I'm ...of us is more determined (the cancer or me), and for now, ...with that! I do miss my pre-cancerous body, how well it... "

" ...from a recent colonoscopy and endoscopy. I also have a ventral hernia containing a loop of small bowel, which would explain ...or what the chances of cancer in a remnant are? What... "

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