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(Neoplasm malignant)
Cancer , medically called a malignancy neoplasm, is a term for a large group of different diseases. In cancer, cell (biology)s divide...
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Common Cancer treatments discussed around the web
Tamoxifen 40,951 Medical Marijuana 31,886 Herceptin 30,833
3,925,823 conversations around the web about Cancer to help you make a decision
3,925,823 conversations around the web about Cancer to help you make a decision
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Cancer & Sunken Eyes

1.95% of the posts that mention Sunken Eyes also mention Cancer (58 posts)
Sunken Eyes
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Sunken Eyes
We found 58 discussions
" ...just had a friend die of cancer after a long battle ...just looked like split had cancer, just unhealthy skin, sunk... "

" ...out to people that the only cultural image we have for serious illness is cancer--wasting away, ashen, sunken eyes, etc.... We don't have any way to understand looking... "

" The reason they had to pile on the black eye makeup was for the HIDE the fact that she looks like a terminal cancer patient, with her sunken eyes! You can REALLY see it in her Haiti pix... "

" ...He passed on 10/17/2008. He died of Cancer and he lost lots of weight and the only hard part was his sunken eyes. His body still looked ok, he was a bit overweight before so when he... "

" ...or anyone I know have sunken eyes. It's also very common to ...or more lbs hecause of cancer... "

" ...very thick, bushy eye brows perched ontop of your deeply sunken eyes. a receding hair line, male pattern baldness. Missing many ...and lower jaw from gum can... "

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" ...a breakup and to not be hungry. I'm 6'5\" tall, and ID card looked like a cancer patient on his last legs. Dark circles under my eyes, sunken cheeks. Acne again at 33. What fun!!... "

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" ...about one of my neck scars left me sobbing not have missing hair, sunken eyes, etc, they assume melanoma is ...when I remember joking years ago, \"If I have to get cancer, let it be ski... "

" ...the gastro diet. My bloat is gone. ...My mom (deceased from cancer) was in a ...was emanciated from the cancer. Her hair and teeth were falling out and she had sad sunken eyes that said \"hel... "

" ...notice because my dea ol' granny is dying of cancer and there was a chance we could lose her mind, thankfully, but the poor thing still has very sunken eyes and was in a bit of pain. Its a... "

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