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(Neoplasm malignant)
Cancer , medically called a malignancy neoplasm, is a term for a large group of different diseases. In cancer, cell (biology)s divide...
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Common Cancer treatments discussed around the web
Tamoxifen 40,316 Medical Marijuana 31,422 Herceptin 30,152
3,853,706 conversations around the web about Cancer to help you make a decision
3,853,706 conversations around the web about Cancer to help you make a decision
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Cancer & Splinter Hemorrhages

2.15% of the posts that mention Splinter Hemorrhages also mention Cancer (8 posts)
Splinter Hemorrhages
We found 8 discussions
" ...told me I had cancer because of a headache that caused eye ...up told me I had cancer. Oh and another time he told me I had a heart valve infection because of occasional splinter hemorrhages I g... "

" ...driving me crazy. I mean, I've noticed I've had splinter hemorrhages, terry's nails, (maybe half and half nails) and no ...Pretty much every kind of cancer I'm a guy so I... "

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" ...the most common site for cancers in colon? UW- ascending colon, ...complex like osler nodes etc ... roth spots n splinter hemorrhages are ...embolic phenomenon for reference...... "

" ...been getting a lot of splinter hemorrhages in my fingernails. Only the ...sign of heart diseases and cancer. Are these 2 issues related? ...could have some disease or cancer? I've never had t... "

" those described for melanoma, and they are not splinter hemorrhages. They go from the base to the tip, but ...out because everybody talks about cancer and melanoma, but they do... "

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" ...worth. They ran tests for cancer, thyroid problems, kidney function, heart ...know what normal is.. And this isn't it. I don't have splinter hemorrhages in great amounts.. just two that i've no... "

" ...episodes, and then really kicked in with some benign splinter hemorrhages on the tips of my nails. a few diseases ...a very rare and aggressive cancer, and I am still here... "

" ...I have some kind of cancer... Honestly with the way I ...thinking is that I have cancer, cancer, cancer. I dont know why and ...feeling. I have been having splinter hemorrhages under just abo... "

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