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(Neoplasm malignant)
Cancer , medically called a malignancy neoplasm, is a term for a large group of different diseases. In cancer, cell (biology)s divide...
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Common Cancer treatments discussed around the web
Tamoxifen 41,103 Medical Marijuana 32,310 Herceptin 30,987
3,983,694 conversations around the web about Cancer to help you make a decision
3,983,694 conversations around the web about Cancer to help you make a decision
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Cancer & Shallow Breathing

0.96% of the posts that mention Shallow Breathing also mention Cancer (117 posts)
Shallow Breathing
We found 118 discussions
" ...don't think those symptoms mean cancer either. I've been shallow breathing and feeling tired since I ...and I haven't got cancer (touch wood, not that ...indication that you have cancer in yo... "

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" ...ago for about 4 or 5 months. It started giving me trouble with my lungs (shallow breathing). If anything like that happens to you, tell your oncologist - don't assume it's the cancer. We changed... "

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" About six weeks ago we found out she had cancer. She has about 20 tumors around her neck, too. But I guess last night my mom said she was breathing really shallow, and and she had this... "

" ...always fatigued? does she have a cough? has she lost weight? is she wheezing? is her breathing shallow? you said she always has ...pains? the above symptoms are related to cancer of the lungs, a... "

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" ...too and it's the Cancer Center. They have told ...going to the Cancer Center my anxiety ...won't come down. How can I get control over this awful feeling, shallow breathing, hyperventilating ... "

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" ...away. This is so surreal. I can almost feel the cancer radiating out of her. I can hear her short, shallow breaths as the fluid fills her lungs. I feel so... "

" Doesn't ring of cancer to me to be honest. ...breath is possibly because you are shallow breathing. I get this when I ...not ring alarm bells of cancer to... "

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" ...Can Raise Cancer Risk Fivefold Quote: ...tablets can also go into shallow breathing without snoring, and... "

" ...I dont know of any treatments besides cut the cancer out. im not saying cut out both lungs but ...they do. ur friend can still breathe. just have shallow breaths "

" ...Fortijuice. I guessed you had that cancer - not sure people have ...voluntary work at a cancer centre, one of my ...yours and could only take shallow breaths. Edited by darrens... "

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