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Calf Pain

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(Pain in calf)
7,895 conversations around the web about Calf Pain to help you make a decision
7,895 conversations around the web about Calf Pain to help you make a decision
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Calf Pain & Herniated Disc

0.91% of the posts that mention Calf Pain also mention Herniated Disc (72 posts)
Calf Pain
Herniated Disc
We found 72 discussions
" ...weeks. I asked every neurologist (I work in a hospital) about leg pain, and they said it was very common, in fact, many of their patients who presented with leg pain actually had cervical spine pro... "

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" ...very tricky. I'm glad your doc is sending you to a neurologist. My husband herniated a disk and his first symptom was calf pain. Try to avoid back stress, twisting etc. and try to calmly wait for... "

" ...been through. I have had a herniated disc L4-L5 region and had terrible calf pain. It would get to the you are doing. I hope you get relief from the pain soon.... "

" ...have a herniated disc and I know have developed... "

" ...awful charlie horse type pains in my calf before my surgery. And ...Car Accident 2/2/02 Herniated disc L5/S1 Epidurals x3, PT 4 mos, some relief, but constant foot pain and numbness continued... "

" ...In December, I had tingling in my hands and feet. This stopped in January, ...and feet. I also have some forearm and calf pain. They found a disk herniation and bulge in my cervical... "

" ...story short i had a herniated disc at L5/S1 with disc protrusion and nerve impingement at ...months now still have Calf pain in my left leg ...the pain by my right buttock sciatica that worri... "

" I started having bad left leg pain in calf all night about 2 yrs ago and since its ...reason. I though I had cancer in my leg, pain ...for MRI and its a disk herniation in L5-S1 that is contacti... "

" ...and hips down) when your glute / calf pain are active. if it increases ...pain, then stop... i mention this because i have sciatica from a herniated disc and it gives me quite a bit of... "

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" ...Aimee and i also suffer from SEVERE CALF pain. I've been to many doctors ...arthritis in my lower back, bulging disc in my upper neck. I take Oxycodone to relieve the pain... "

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