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Calcium-Vitamin D is taken for: Osteoporosis Vitamin D Deficiency

Calcium-Vitamin D

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Taken for: Osteoporosis
Method of use: Pill
Category: Dietary supplement
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Calcium-Vitamin D for Osteoporosis
5,779 conversations around the web about Calcium-Vitamin D to help you make a decision
We analyzed what people said about Calcium-Vitamin D and compared it to other Osteoporosis medications
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4 / 10
Based on medical discussions around the web

Calcium-Vitamin D & Zometa

We found 28 discussions
" ...and ankles. Monthly infusion of Zometa helps me with the pain. Calcium, Vitamin D, and walking help strengthen my bones. Everyone ...disease. Some women do not even have pains from bone mets ... "

" ...chemo, I was permitted to take a regular multi-vitamin, required to take Calcium/Vitamin D (because of the Zometa), and told I could take Biotin to encourage my hair... "

" ...Faslodex and Zometa tomorrow. My complaint to the oncologist in October at yearly visit was only that I was short of breath and had a hacking cough. I was ...time to take my Calcium/Vitamin D.... "

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" ...should have a talk about Zometa, bones and dental health. My ...of getting osteo necrosis from Zometa, because I already had dental ...perscribe Zometa. I just take calcium, vitamin D and mag... "

" ...and Mame, Thanks for your responses. Chrissy, I know Zometa is a bone strengthener, and I do already take calcium, vitamin D and magnesium. That's why I don't feel bad... "

" keep bones healthy! With calcium, vitamin d and enough green leafy ...since Feb. 2008. I was also on Zometa, but I hated that it ...I intend to resume the Zometa. For you, since you are... "

" ...if you do...I have had a bone mets dx since Jan. '07 and have been doing Zometa, lots of Calcium/vitamin D/Magnesium, and Xeloda, which is chemo but... "

" ...bc drugs!! so is the Arimidex the 'anti hormone' drug? Are you on a calcium/vitamin D regime yet? My Zometa study nurse says you need that supplement to help the Zometa bind to the bones.......I'm... "

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" ...I have osteoporosis. I had it before my breast cancer diagnosis and still take ...very well. I take calcium, vitamin D, and magnesium. I ...However, I don't take zometa, because I have denta... "

" ...should be able to help you out with a bisphosphonate drug such as Zometa (note that calcium & vitamin D supplements by themselves and / or oral bisphosphonates like Boniva generally won't... "

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