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Calcium is the chemical element with the symbol Ca and atomic number 20. It has an atomic mass of 40.078 amu. Calcium is a soft...
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Calcium for Pain
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What people say about Calcium and Breathing Problems ?

#74 in Calcium discussions - 244 posts discuss Breathing Problems with Calcium.
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We found 244 discussions
lso get breathing problems when I take Calcium supplemnts, a...
" take? I also get breathing problems when I take Calcium supplemnts, and yes no need bananas better ). So what about Magnesium? Omega 3 and Magnesium lower my bp. Ok the question remains, why... "

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calcium through Iv. I still had months later tingling of...
" the ER and got calcium through Iv. I still had months later tingling of hands and falling asleep. Besides the calcium you should check vitamin D ...PTH (parathyroid hormone test). My calcium got... "

ms and legs a feeling of exhaustion breathing problems b...
" ...effects but mayb the calcium is helping me in some way as i manage my M.G quite well i,m such a odd ball and no one thinks i even have it as i seem quite strong my symtoms are muscle weakness... "

thing problems to finally wean myself off of the Calcium Cha...
" ...out that I was suffering from a pre-Diabetes condition called Insulin Resistance. I also had major problems with SOB because of a nasty interaction between Verapamil and Digoxin. It took about... "

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fer choice for anyone who tend to have breathing problems....
" ...other type is called a calcium channel blocker and it is a much safer choice for anyone who tend to have breathing problems. Maybe a medical type can as to why. I got MUCH worse after taking... "

ls suggest for helping calcium restoration????Angela mus...
" know what to do about calcium shortage when she cuts ...Young Living Essential Oils suggest for helping calcium restoration???? Angela must cut causes, especially with her breathing problems.... "

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problems -- calcium and magnesium are muscle relaxants. Di...
" ...daily of a high-quality calcium supplement with vit D & magnesium. It brought my swelling and BP down and ...dose it can cause the baby respiratory problems -- calcium and magnesium are... "

tones due to its effect on the way the body processes calciu...
" ...of it in connection with lung/breathing problems, but I've recently found out ...that it can cause multiple kidney stones due to its effect on the way the body processes calcium. My cousin had had a... "

m helping MG patients and with me having parathyroid maybe...
" ...was able to improve my breathing problems breathing and swallowing unproved thou ...afternoons Found that I have brain fog this last year that ...done on high level of calcium helping MG patients and... "

and has also prescribed calcium supplements in order to...
" ...first test showed I had medium hard respiratory problems, and the second one showed that I have light respiratory problems. He also took a blood ...medication and has also prescribed calcium supplements... "

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