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Calcium Deposits

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8,527 conversations around the web about Calcium Deposits to help you make a decision
8,527 conversations around the web about Calcium Deposits to help you make a decision
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Calcium Deposits & Ear Infection

0.25% of the posts that mention Calcium Deposits also mention Ear Infection (21 posts)
Calcium Deposits
Ear Infection
We found 21 discussions
" ...see if you had an ear infection or water in on the ...coworkers had the same thing -- one was diagnosed with an ear infection, the other one was told she had calcium deposits in her ear... "

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" ...ear not draining properly. Chiropractors are geniuses with treating ear infections. You just have to find had to do with calcium deposits and they only did anything... "

" ...the eardrum. The white is calcium deposits in the ear. I have ...say it comes from having ear infections, though to be honest as... "

" ...breast milk longer, she has calcium deposits on her teeth, defficiency...and had many colds ear infections etc and was lactose intolerant,, but still, jsut has weak enamil, on her... "

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" ...sister has some calcium deposits in her brain??? She ...she is anemic. The calcium deposits...don't know what she can do about them. Ear infection she can use Umcka. ...This is her second bl... "

" ...month ago I started getting really bad headaches. A week later my ...First they said I have calcium deposits on the back on my ...Then they said I had an ear infection in both ears. Gave me... "

" I used to get sinus headaches/migraines that sounded similar. I sinuses somehow affected my inner ear. Could be ear infection, calcium deposits in the ear canal -- check the inne... "

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" 3 years old in September. She has suffered from chronic ear infections with fluid behind her ears for over 2 years ...adenoids removed. She also has calcium deposits on the bones of her... "

" ...months old, he had 8 ear infections, he had tubes in and adnoids removed, but got 4 more ear infections. He then began early intervetion ...MRI for Druzers (eye calcium deposits on the optical ... "

" ...morning. Not good. He has 2 bladder stones, calcification (calcium deposits) in one of his kidneys, ...and was cranky. He was cranky at home last ...up. And he has ear infections in both ... "

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