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Calcium Deposits

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Ask a question
8,495 conversations around the web about Calcium Deposits to help you make a decision
8,495 conversations around the web about Calcium Deposits to help you make a decision
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Calcium Deposits & Chest X Ray

We found 28 discussions
" knew that it was a calcium deposit till the Period. by surgery. Yesterday my doctor told me the chest x-ray I had, showed calcium deposits in my... "

" ...lungs My brother had a chest X-ray done the other day and they informed him he had calcium deposits in his lungs. He saw ...and he has had a chronic cough for about 2 ...on. What do the calci... "

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" ...found his. He got pneumonia and it showed up on his chest x-ray but he said his ...I have had a dry cough for a ...Sarcoidosis. Plus I have a terrible problem with calcium deposits. I have... "

" ...\"calcium deposits\" on a small area of my lungs. He acted like it was fairly common in the area I live and said it can be caused by fungus and mold in the air. He also mentioned scarring. He said ... "

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" ...while. I have had many yeast problems so first I I have had a cancer scare and it ...eyes red, fatigue, suspicious chest xray that they later said was just calcium deposits. While ... "

" ...My doctor just told me that my chest x-ray shows some small calcium deposits that are common in past cases of Valley Fever. ...anyone know.......can such a diagnosis really come from a chest x-r... "

" ...they advised that I have some extra calcium deposits on the Ribs and found that there is some calcium deposits on the pelvis bone to. ...the examination of full chest X-Ray before. My intak... "

" Chest X-rays can detect the presence of ...present of problem, such as calcium deposits on lungs. Its presence in ...sac that surrounds the heart. Calcium deposits in your lungs may be... "

" ...benign process where you get calcium deposits in your lungs. Maybe you fairly common. Have regular chest x-rays to make sure nothing changes.... "

" Finally got the results from my November 1st chest x-ray. They compared my last chest x-rays to this one. There is no change in the calcium deposits. I am taking it as a good thing. I... "

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