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(Euphoric mood)
Euphoria (, from Ancient Greek wiktionary: , "well", and wiktionary: . "to bear") (semantically opposite of dysphoria) i...
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259,007 conversations around the web about Euphoria to help you make a decision
259,007 conversations around the web about Euphoria to help you make a decision
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Caffeine & Euphoria

We found 3,609 discussions
" ...more euphoric effects than methylone. SWIM actually likes the phase after the euphoric one which is ...redose without much euphoric effects. caffeine would... "

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" ...and I was totally euphoric for like 4 hours. I felt high as a kite. I was VERY high on caffeine. It's a addictive psychoactive... "

" caffeine would not help, it counteracts ...u feel sleepy ur ...just a slight euphoria (depending if u find benzo feeling euphoric) and sle... "

" ...swim gets no euphoria from ritalin. he occasionally uses it as a caffeine alternative, but if he ...people say they get euphoria from methylphenitdate(ritalin) but... "

" ...too focused! and i have EUPHORIC FEELING. F##* caffine pills, energy shot, energy shots.... "

" The only time I feel euphoric on a cut is the ...or when I'm on 400mg caffeine, fasted, and... "

" ...favorite drug is caffeine.I mix my antidepressant with it,then i feel euphoric for half an hour ...hard... "

" ...was great. Massive feeling of euphoria. Remember that any supplement ...anything else that has caffeine and 1... "

" ...climbing up the stairs, some euphoria but I accredit that to the caffeine since I have that everyday... "

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" ...high, and then I'll take a fuckton of dexedrine and it'll feel less euphoric than caffein... "

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