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Cachexia ( from Greek language kakos "bad" and hexis "condition") or wasting syndrome is weight loss, muscle...
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Common Cachexia treatments discussed around the web
Megace 34 Testosterone 24 Megestrol Acetate 18
1,914 conversations around the web about Cachexia to help you make a decision
1,914 conversations around the web about Cachexia to help you make a decision
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Cachexia & Doctor

We found 295 discussions
" ...well.Doctor very concerned about her weight ...has not been officially diagnosed with this and medics suggesting it probably due to lack of appetite following rad/chemo treatment.However cach... "

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" her. as for the doctor at the hospice, like the painkill her to death. she is obviously going through cachexia, a common occurance I would think among patients at... "

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" ...disagree with Dr Oz. In late stage, advanced cancer with widespread metastasis, the tumor ...condition is called cachexia which cannot be reversed nutritionally. I'm not sure if what Dr Oz m... "

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" ...My wife experienced gradual weight loss that I chalked ...over 50% of cancer patients called cachexia where eating more doesn't necessarily something to ask the doctor about next time. ... "

" OK-- I am not a doctor-but the book I got this in Molecular Biology. Your weight loss and inflammation could very ...The weight loss is called cachexia. It is what many cancer... "

" I am very confused...... I do not like what the hospital did. ...failed. I did not read anything you said about cachexia either, if that was my dad and they stopped ...treatment but I am anti do... "

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" Thank You Dr West. The problem is, this ...Wife who was suffering with cachexia was the reason for me ...gain of 3lbs) and her appetite increased, of course this is... "

" Worried about my mother's cancer spreading so fast ...will help in recovering from cachexia. You can also try blending ...details and the details of doctor and... "

" ...spoken to their doctor and been ...other complimentary substance. I actually think it is a waste of time and money for anything else except the treatment of cancer related cachexia. Di you ar... "

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" ...Megace is a better choice? It is my understanding that long term use of corticosteroids may have unwanted side effects such as degradation of the muscles and bones. Since mom isn't doing too well i... "

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