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CT Scan Normal

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(Computerised tomogram normal)
783 conversations around the web about CT Scan Normal to help you make a decision
783 conversations around the web about CT Scan Normal to help you make a decision
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CT Scan Normal & Headaches

13.9% of the posts that mention CT Scan Normal also mention Headaches (109 posts)
CT Scan Normal
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We found 109 discussions
" ...he is complaining constantly of headaches. He had a CT Scan, normal. Today the nurse called me again... he was there with headache. I asked her to check ...50. His father had a heart attack at a... "

" ...or hurt. He also has alot of headaches and says the room sometimes goes gray when he stands up. He has had a cat scan, normal, blood work, normal and eye exam, normal. What could... "

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" ...Eventually had CT scan - normal. Then ...treatment. Had really bad headaches for the next month, eventually docs got fed up and got emergency app with neuro who prescribed Diamox and Topiramate.... "

" Headache, sinusitis, cervical spondiolysis. Ct scan- normal. What is the treatment? I got headache on left side starting from ...the whole day. I have slight sinusitis problem and cervical spondiol... "

" before). I started having terrific headaces 24/7, so bad that I went to my Dr., had a brain CT scan (normal), took Imitrex ( no relief) & had ...7 mo. then bam headaches after a liver cleans... "

" ..., and the results showed that everything was normal in the brain, but the headaches that I was having was Chronic Headaches, but I was given Amitriptyline tablet (10mg) to take because they said it... "

" ...complaints of her head hurting within a ...later. Then began complaining of headache and began to vomit ...between first night of headache/ vomiting. Took her to dr CT scan normal but sympto... "

" ...headaches for three days in a row now. Dr. says Topomax would be our next step. However, I have been reading about the side effects and I dont like what I am reading. Seems very few people have goo... "

" Severe headaches. MRIs. CT scan normal. Sinus infection? hi doctor.i am 31 yrs old and i have been suffering with a constant headache sincr the 1st march 2011.i have been for several... "

" ...left hand, upper lip, toes, headache. CT scan normal, low vitamin D. Causes? MY SON IS COMPLAINS TINGLING ON LEFT HAND TWO ...CAME NORMAL. HE ALSO HAD A WEEK LONG HEADACHE ON THE BACK SIDE OF... "

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